Crochet Eye Mask

sleep-Mask, moss stitch sleep_mask-back

This easy crocheted sleep mask is 2 layers. I tried it 2 times. The first time I used 2 similar yarns in acrylic. The 2nd time I used an acrylic for the base and a cheap polyester yarn I got at the 98 Cent Store. I timed this project at about 1 1/2 hours and it can go faster or slower depending on how you do it. Canon Makes a bulky heather grey that is a good base for the bottom. The top can be a thinner yarn but to keep the same measurements, I used a J hook for the thinner yarn.

Yarn – 4 ply yarn, 1 or 2 colors

Hook Size – I Hook, 5.5 mm

Measurements – 9″ x  3.5″ (mask part)


You can easily adjust these measurements to fit your head better.

Foundation: 25 ch +1  (the 25 ch should measure out approx 9″ in length, must be an odd number for changing amount)

Row 1 : 1 sc in the 3rd ch from hook, 23 sc, ch 2, turn.

Row 2-5:  (the ch 2 from row 1 is 1st sc) *24 sc, ch 2, turn*. Repeat 3 more times.  ( Approx 1.5″ in width)

Row 6 (Left Eye) : 11 sc, ch 1, turn

Row 7: 11 sc, ch 2, turn

Row 8: 11 sc,  turn (no turn ch)

Row 9: sl st in first ch sp, 10 sc, ch 2, turn

Row 10: ch 10, turn

Row 11: sl st in 1st ch sp, 9 sc, finish off.

Row 6 again (Right Eye): Starting at outer edge, Attach yarn to last stitch of Row 5, ch 2, sc 11, ch 1, turn

Row 7-11: Repeat same as Row 7-11 of Left Eye


2nd outer color – Make the same way, use 1 hook higher for thinner yarns.


To Attach:  Sl St or sc around entire mask


Nose ridge: while sl st or sc around mask do this at the 3 chains where the nose ridge is (in 1st ch do 1 hdc, in 2nd ch do 2 dc, in 3rd ch do 1 hdc. This will make a ridge for the nose.


Thin Straps: ch 30 for top strap, ch 25 for lower strap

Thicker straps: Same as thin but ch 31 and 26 and sc or hdc. Use yarn needle and scrap yard to secure onto mask.


For a prettier mask, Use a moss stitch on outer layer with 2-3 sc on outer edges.



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