Easy Slippers


I saw this video looking for slipper tutorials on youtube and now I cant find it but it wasn’t in English. I dont like to follow long instructions to tell you the truth so if you just look at these series of pics you will automatically get it and you can make a pair pretty quick.  Here is similar instructions to the video I can’t find!


Below is my version which is pretty close, I will put down instructions. Just a note, the heel must go up a little higher and curve in towards the ankle so take that in consideration. I should make up a new pair just to test it out again but the pair I have fits. It was using a Caron 4 ply heather grey. Their heather color is nice and bulky but not scratchy, I like it.  I made a pair with a boot look for my son in a cheap poly yarn in brown but he said the yarn hurts his feet. He wears them with socks under. Mine was more comfy. Maybe make up a little sample and press hard on it to see if you can feel the knots of the crochet stitches. Maybe this works best in a beefy soft yarn.

Here is a pic of mine with my fat looking ankles. I am size 7.5US

grey slipper

Hook: 5.0 H Hook

Yarn: Caron 4 ply acrylic

Size: 7.5



Foundation: Ch 4 and make into ring with sl st

Row 1: Ch 2, sc 10 in circle (Use a magic circle if you want) slip stitch close

Row 2: Ch 2, 1 sc in same space as ch 2, sc 2 times in each st, total stitches are 22, sl st close

Row 3-12: Ch 2, sc in each space, sl st close, total is 22 st in each row. try on your foot to see if it is snug, you can make less or more rows. 12 rows is low but covering all toes to make a mary jane strap.

Row 13-29: Ch 2 (counts as one sc) , sc 16, turn. Pinch together the end to form a slipper and slip stitch from the inside from bottom of shot to top. You can put on slipper and pinch the back to make sure it fits and if you need to make more or less rows.

Row 30-32: sc all around for a nice edge. For Row 30-31 heel back part, instead of sc, use hdc to make some height in the heel. Also at the same time do 2 decrease stitches at the heel so it will curve in. The heel part is about 10 stitches, do a total of 3 rounds of crochet. The last one can be a contrasting color in sc only.

Strap: Ch 22 and make into a circle. finish off neat as possible and then with yarn and needle, attach carefully on the inner side of slipper and let the loop be on the other to hook onto a button.  24L-32L is a nice size. Use whatever you have.









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