Front Posts Clutch Purse


This is one of my favorite bags and I have about 40 purses and have sold 2 and have given away some and some I gave as donations.  I love purses but I am very particular because it has to be durable and able to fit everything I need. I’m not a clutch person but I had a small amount of yarn and wanted to make something small. Now I love them and want to make more. It’s basically single crochet on the top and I used the sc flaps on the inside that stick out to add a zipper I made the sides first and with some math and estimation, crocheted a long piece from the side, bottom to other side.  I slip stitched it together.

Here is the video on how to do the front post stitches.

The flower is wool, the purse and leaves are acrylic. Let me know if you want to buy it. It holds my cell, keys, wallet, lip balm and pen. Since it is small and the stitches are close, it doesn’t need a lining.


I am currently perfecting this pattern and have just sold one. Let me know if you would like to buy one, it is $15.

Zipper 7” to match Red Heart Super Saver Buff Color
Hook Size: 5.0 mm (H-Hook)

Foundation Chain: 56 ch, sl st close, ch 1 turn (Should be 7-7.5” when folded in half. The zipper is 7” and you want it to fit inside)

Top Band:
Row 1-3: sc 56, sl st, ch 1, turn Repeat 3 more times

Row 4: sc 56 in front ch to make a ridge in the inside to sew the zipper on to,

Row 5: same as row 1-3, finish off

Row 1 Again: Turn band upside down so edge of first foundation chains is up and do a row of 56 sc around the whole edge. Do not finish off yet.

Body of Clutch Purse:
Front Side and Back Side

Please note, the area where all these slip stitches are will be covered by a flower so remember it goes on the side front. Remember that so you know where the front and sides are.

Row 1: starting where you left off from above, ch 2, turn, 2 hdc in next st, 1 hdc in next st repeat this until you have filled 23 ch spaces. ( If you want to do another number you can, the front posts pattern is sets of 3 plus 2)

Row 2: Ch 2, turn, hdc in first stitch, dc front post, hdc in next 2 stitches, dc front post next stitch, repeat to the end for a total of 23 stitches. Ch 2, turn

Row 3-11: hdc in first stitch, dc back post, hdc in next 2 stitches, dc back post next stitch, repeat to the end for a total of 23 stitches. Ch 2, turn. (It gets tricky where you do the back and front posts because you are leaving a stitch by itself undone. If you do a 3rd hdc in the back of the post where it is free you can but the purse will have a wide fan shape if that is what you want. You can skip it and not worry about holes because most of the stitches are in hdc to make the hole to be very small. If you do all the stitches in dc there will be more gaps when you attach the bottom of the clutch purse.) Finish off at the end of the 12th row.

Repeat Row 1-12 for backside.

Calculate this to know where to place the back side: Total foundation stitches was 56. Front Side was 23 stitches, Back Side 23 stitches so the total used was 46 stitches (23+23=46) The ones unused are 10 stitches. (56-46=10) Divide that number by 2. (10 / 2= 5) That is the number on each side of your purse that should be an empty space.

Bottom of Purse:

Row 1-12: Ch 6, sc in 3rd stitch from the end, sc in next 3 stitches for a total of 5 stitches, ch 2 turn, repeat next row to make 5 stitches again. Ch 2 , turn. Repeat for 11 more rows. Total of 12- five stitch rows.

Row 13-43: (Bottom of 23 body stitches) sc in same ch 2 space, sc 5 more times, add one extra sc in last ch. *sc 7 stitches each row, ch 2, turn*  Continue making 7 stitch rows for the entire of the 23 stitch bottom area.

Row 43-55: sl st first ch space and sc in next 4 spaces, on last 2 sc spaces do a sc decrease. (combine 2 sc in 1 stitch) Total stitches is 5. Ch 2, turn, continue to make 12 more 5 stitch rows.

With yarn needle and yarn, connect with a neat whip stitch from inside of purse and also add the zipper. Use pins to make sure each side is even.

Add zipper: Use pins, make it so the ridge inside the band close together to hide the zipper. Pin it in place and center zipper.

Attach a flower over the slip stitches on front.

Here is a flower you might want to try. This is a video tutorial.
I added a fabric button that happened to match. I used a wool yarn for the flower and I dislike the wool with acrylic. Keep it the same fiber as the body.


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