grey bauble handbag


3 bauble grey bag

This is my own design, fits everything, I need to add lining because crocheted acrylic won’t hold anything more than 1-2 lbs without stretching out.

This was influenced by a pinterest photo that I was going to make a zipper but because of the narrow opening (7-8″across). It looks like a narrow opening but it fits my wallet and phone and keys and lip balm well with room to spare. I decided not to add a zipper but I think I will add a lining some other day.

bag influence

The top handle part is. is 44 sc. I made the bottom separately

To increase width I added dcs between the shell stitches, I just did some quick math in the beginning to divide the 44 stitches from above part. 6 dc, shell, 4 dc, shell, 4 dc, shell, 4 dc, shell, 6 dc.

8 rows adding baubles at the 4th row.
9th row I evened the stitches to make a straight line using sc, hdc, and double crochet.

For the bottom I added 4 sc rows in the round and at the end did a slip stitch and finished off. I whip stitched the bottom closed doing a 1″square pleat on the ends for a rectangular bottom without pointy ends. (Use pins to make even)

To attach the body I sc to handles and used yarn and needle to neatly press down the sc part sticking out. This makes it very neat and strong.


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