Buy Handmade or Make Your Own Clothes

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Modest clothing is something important for a Christian woman. I bought a few skirts that were really cheap but they are made in China. I’m pretty much sick of giving my money to the Chinese when I know there are women who need money who can sew pretty well for a good price. I bet there are some ladies at church who need money that you might ask if they will sew or knit or crochet you something at a good price.

This Etsy Store is one of many but I hope someone will see this post and buy something from this shop. She is located in Ohio so you would be giving money to a US small business. If you are in Canada, Australia, England, South Africa, or New Zealand, I bet there are some women who would sew for you that are from your country who are very talented!

If you are looking to buy a sew machine, a sturdy basic one without all the fancy stitches is best.  Straight stitch, Zig Zag, Reverse and an invisible hem stitch are all I have used anyways.

Here is a sermon by Pastor Joey Fast from Long Run Baptist Church in Missouri that you might like regarding the virtuous woman who can sew.

The Sewing Wealth Maker


Some helpful links:

How to Sew

Make a Drawstring A-Line Skirt in one afternoon


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