Essential Hats To Make

visormesh sun hatBasic Beanienewboy cap

I have too many accessories but I do have one one warm beanie cap and one visor.  They are the essentials. Less is better. Pick a warm weather and a cold weather hat and learn to make one for others as gifts.

I think the warm weather ones would be best in cotton. Please see below for the link to the Hobby Lobby Website which has an interesting cotton yarn called Monkey Twist and has a coupon for 40% off.  Pick a color that matches all your clothes like Taupe, Black, Gold, Grey, White or Beige.

For Warm Weather, acrylic is a basic yarn but I think natural is best for all fabrics, especially cotton. Rayon and Bamboo are also natural fibers made from wood pulp. One thing I’ve tried with good success is buying string from hardware stores. They sometimes have flaws in the string like a knot looking thick sections but they are cheap and easy to find. They are cotton and you can find very sturdy ones for your metal crochet hooks. I used some laundry line wire to make a basket for my bathroom. It is nice and stiff to hold it’s shape but my hand hurt trying to make it. It looks nice so I guess it was worth it.

Please see the hats from the website for instructions and many other choices.


Update 2-5-15

I made a really nice granny square beanie and it fits well from the website but I want to mention something. I have curly hair and my beanie doesn’t want to stay on!

I also made a wide band ear warmer which I am perfecting before I put it up on Ravelry. This seems to work better than a beanie for curly hair. Good if you want to use a ponytail too. But early in the morning my hair is a mess when I go outside so I am making a slouch beanie today to cover my bed head. I think this is a better choice for women of color too. My favorite looking hat is a cloche hat but there is no way this hat is practical for everyday use and in practical for every situation.

headband slouch beanie granny_hat_medium2



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