Herbal Teas for Health


I drink 1-5 cups of tea every day. I gave up drinking coffee, not because I don’t like coffee, I still like it and drink it occasionally but the reason I have become a tea drinker is for health reasons. I like chicory as an alternative to coffee too.engraved-glass-tea-mug_LRG

I believe it is medicine and helps to prevent disease cancer. Drinking water and tea is essential for me. In addition to drinking herbal teas, eating plenty of vegetables is keeping our family healthy. Eat natural organic foods for high nutrition in your diet.


Please use purified drinking water that has been purified by reverse osmosis. I find that the best and most inexpensive water is the store brand purified water by the gallon. Don’t get me started with water fluoridation either! You DON’T want to ingest fluoridated water which is actually toxic waste shipped from China. (I use non-fluoride toothpaste, too) Fill up your house, apartment, room, shack, hThyme in bowlut or whatever you live in as much as possible with water. This is the most essential thing you can store up!

Do not use a microwave. Try to stay away from microwave ovens. Natural gas is actually cheap if you use a stove.  Any kind of water heater for tea or coffee is great. Campfires are fine too. Stay away from teflon coated cookware or using plastic to warm anything. A steel mug is great. I’ve had mine for about 20 years. Glass is also great.mug




Avoid Starbucks and fancy labels. They are overpriced and promote the worst organizations.


For tea, please get organic tea. Green Tea has so many benefits! It is $5 at the Chinese supermarket for 100 packets!







Prince of Peace Organic Green Tea

$6.09/ 100 Packets




Ginger is also very healthy. You can also save a lot of money by buying it online in bulk.





Frontier Ground Non GMO Ginger Root

$10.59/ 16 oz.





I use unbleached coffee filters or tea bags from Daiso. Everything there is $1.50 🙂

I use a staple to close them and store them in tin or glass containers. Please see the Organic Prepper website to see 10 essential teas. Please also see freehelpinghands.wordpress.com to see Top Herbal Teas For Health.

Another way to get it dirt cheap is to grow your own. Lemon Balm, Thyme, Mint and Rosemary thrive here in california but you can check to see what thrives in your area. Buy a baby plant from the local plant nursery and add it to ground you mixed with compost with full or mostly full sun.

Check out nativeamericanherbalism.com


Here are 2 sermons from Pastor Joey Faust called Medicine in the Bible and The Bible and Cancer for some interesting information to bless you with.


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    God provides us with medicine and nutrients that are not made in a laboratory that makes millionaires out of greedy big pharma who could care less about our health or curing people.

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