Summer Visor

This blogger has some cute stuff and I cant wait to try to make this today.

Fox in Socks Crochet


For a brief while, it was actually sunny here! Ice cream and sitting on the beach (with cider) is all very well, but I have a problem. It’s a mix of massive hair, and less than perfect eyesight. Basically, until I eventually buy prescription sunglasses, I’m stuck being blinded. Hats are the usual solution but they mean wearing my hair down, and that means over heating as I have far too much of the stuff.  Luckily, this year I’ve found a great pattern to take away my woes.

(Yes ok, there’re contact lenses and getting a haircut, but both of those sound like effort! 😛 )


The pattern for the visor is simple and pretty quick. I whipped up the first one in an hour and a half, including dinner. The yarn is some leftover Aran I, er, borrowed from my mum’s stash last time I was home. Whilst it’s…

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