What Projects Should I Work On For Spring?

Since I am practical, I would suggest you skip all the Easter and St Patrick’s Day and all the commercial holiday crochet projects people are putting up. Crochet something practical.

A good buy would be a cone of cotton yarn which if not on sale, use the 40% off coupon for it. It is a good buy and you won’t run out. Cotton yarn is perfect for spring and summer projects.

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Crochet practical items and gifts:

  • dish towels
  • hair accessories
  • sun hats
  • reusable bags for groceries
  • spring/summer bedspreads and pillow covers
  • lightweight scarves
  •  dog leashes
  • bath soap scrubbies
  • cosmetic/pencil zip bags
  • sleeved tops and cardigans or shawls


crochet sun hat granny square hot colors Firefly_1_small2pencil casehair accessorymesh bag

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