Shells Clutch Purse

Shells Clutch with buttonsShells Clutch Orange with ZipperShells Clutch Zip open


This is a simple clutch purse that doesn’t need a lining because the stitch is tight and it is in cotton and the size of the clutch is not huge or has straps so it will not stretch out.

You can make it in different sizes. The orange one is large and 10″ across at the widest part and 6.25″ in length.

It is done in a classic shell stitch and I will link to a tutorial for that.

I couldn’t find a green zipper for the green one so I made a simple flap to close it. I used abalone 36L buttons. I was able to fit the needle and yarn to sew them on. Looks nice on the outside but it is kind of thick so next time I will use thread instead.

The bottom is a single crochet bottom using a 3.75 mm hook and I will give you a diagram or video to show u how to make an oval but on my pattern I will do a small variation because I don’t like any holes showing and I like the oval to be tight as possible. It has 4 round rows in the oval and then I did one row without increase stitches using a 4.25 mm hook in the back loops  so it will make a nice angle when it is sitting on the table and can stand up on its own. finish off. The stitches should end up in a number divisible by 6 because the shells pattern is 6 stitches per shell.

Foundation chain for oval:

small: 19 ch , medium: 25 ch, large: 31 ch

There are 9 rows of shells. For the bottom 2, use a 5.5 mm hook, for the next 2 use a 5.0 mm hook, next 2 use a 4.25 mm hook and the last row use a 3.75 mm hook. If you want, you can make it a tighter stitch using 5.0, 4.25, 3.75 and 3.5 mm hooks.  The 4 different hooks make the tapered shape. If you start on the side, it will end in the middle after 9 rows because on each row you will end on a single crochet and will have to slip stitch to the left up to the top of the scallop.

The next row above the shells is to even out the scallops of the shells (If it is too wide for the zipper and you want to make it more tapered, do some decreases stitches, 1 per scallop)

To even up the stitches of the last row of the shell stitches. Starting with a chain one at the lowest point right above the the single crochet, chain 3 for a mock double crochet, next chain do a half double crochet , next chain to a single crochet, next chain to a single crochet decrease (2 stitches into one) next chain do a half double.  This is a total of 6 chains and should even up the stitches. Again this is the repeat: dc, hdc, sc, sc decrease (2 st in 1), hdc.   Keep repeating this on top of the shells to even them out.

After this evening up row, then do a row of single crochet, row of slip stitches, row of single crochet, row of slip stitch and one more row of single crochet. I used a 3.75 mm hook for this top band part.

Add a zipper or a flap with 2 buttons or a single button with a chain loop attached to the back. The zipper is a fun zipper that is 8″ and printed with an invisible zipper and a nice yellow pull from Daiso International store which is a local store where everything is $1.50 but they are across the USA. I get zippers from the dollar store as well, they are usually 7″.


No flower necessary for this one.  😛

This is a good clutch purse. The size large will fit sunglasses, wallet, keys, lip balm, pen and cell phone, mp3 player (my essentials). The medium will fit 1 less thing. The small, 2 less things. This is a nice make up bag and a good gift.

Pinning in the zipper was the hardest part. You can make it into a pencil bag by doing three rows of shells and three rows of single crochet in the oval instead of four rows.

Happy Crocheting!


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