Bridesmaid or Prom Clutch

dusty pink clutch


Just made this last night. The pattern is easy. If you want this one, it is $15.Caron Simply Soft Victorian Rose Yarn

Yarn is Simply Soft by Caron

Hook: K-hook 6.5 mm

Using both ends of the skein (double the yarn for the clutch, single for the flap), ch 20

1st Round: sc in 3rd ch and sc rest of the row.  Ch 1, sc in same ch space, ch 1, sc in same space. (Should be 3 sc and 2 ch in this last chain of the row) Turn work upside down and sc the bottom of foundation chain. In last ch, 1 sc, 1 ch, sl st to 2nd chain of the first ch 3 of this round.

Round 2-12: ch 1, sc without sl st, instead do rounds of sc so there are 12 rows. (or as many as will fit your belongings.

Row 13: ch 2, sc half the purse where you want the flap to start and stop. ch 3, skip 2 spaces, *do a shell in the 3rd sp (1 shell is 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc), skip 2 sp*. Repeat until the end, (I did 5 shells) , skip 2 spaces and do 1 dc at the end. Ch 3.

Row 14-17: Repeat row 13

Row 18: Instead of ch 2, slip st to middle of the first shell and ch 3 and dc 1, do 3 shells but in the middle shell instead of ch 1, do ch 3-5 depending on the size of your button that will fit snug through this hole. In last shell do 1 dc and ch3 and slip st into same shell. Finish off.



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