Minimalist Clutch

envelope clutch flat


Here is a basic clutch I found the pattern for online.

Here are my notes on this pattern:

Nice instructions and nice website the pattern is from. I don’t like double crochet so I did it in half double crochet. I love the colors. It works nice with a neutral with a bright pop color for summer and spring bags.

I dont like the Super Saver Yarn for this project because it is very flimsy. It works best with a tiny tight weave clutch but not for this one. I like stiffer yarns for bags like the caron one pound yarn. The Caron United yarn seems like the same yarn as the Caron one pound. If you are buying yarn online look at these 2 yarns.

Instead of chain 35 I did chain 40. I did 10-12 rows. I used a vintage brass button and a brass d ring for the clutch strap. I used a 1” but I think a 1/2” or 3/4” with a thinner strap would have been cuter. I only had the big one and I wanted the button to match it. It needs a lining but too late. That is why I do not recommend the Red Heart Super Saver for this project. I have one photo with the purse filled and since it is such a flimsy yarn u can see all the bumps from the things inside. A cotton yarn would be nice too. Not the bernat cotton yarn because that is very soft but a stiff one.

I tried this in a single crochet and it got very ripply. If you use a single crochet u will have to tweek the pattern and go up a hook size I think. In the half double crochet when it gets curly please skip a row of increases and just do one half double in the row to make it lie flat. You might have to do this 2-3 times.

4-26-15 Update –  Made another. This works best in the Caron One Pound yarn! I love this yarn for bags that I don’t want to put a lining. Just a note for my mistakes so u don’t make the same. Sew button on after you fill it with all your necessary items. Looks great flat but when I fill it the button is too low. I will fix it and photo the bag in the morning. I love the colors I chose but black and navy are the worst colors to keep in my home with my tan colored dog! Black acrylic seems to attract the hair, maybe next time I will chose a cotton or yarn with a sheen so it is slick not matt. Use a smaller hook with a very clean single crochet stitch for the contrast color wristlet strap. I didn’t have enough for a row of slip stitches which is a nice finish for edges. The wristlet was chain 50. Measurements are 11”x 6.5” Nice size!

minimalist bag fillled minimalist bag empty





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