Make Your Own Clothes

The funny thing is I used to love going to Target or Ross to buy my clothes but once you start to make your own clothes and accessories, you will look at things a whole different way. You will think it is ridiculous to buy goods from China and you will see that the quality stinks because it looks very manufactured.

I went with my mother to the Joann Craft Store the other day and she wanted to look at fabrics and pattern books. I haven’t seen pattern books for about 20 years! The last time I looked at them was to practice my fashion illustration skills. I actually have a fashion degree and learned how to use a sewing machine but I never liked it and never pursued it. I prefered telling sewers what to do.

I saw a new name on the pattern books called New Look and decided to see if I could find a similar skirt to the ones I like wearing. A-line long skirt with a drawstring but unfortunately made in China. I found one and found some nice fabric. Both together cost me less than $15.

Another way to avoid the made in China clothing is stop shopping at Walmart and Target and places that sell mostly China goods. It is slave labor taking away jobs from Americans. China is doing well while we are deteriorating. Try to use friends and Etsy and places where you can get clothes made from American citizens trying to make some money in an honest way.

If you are in England or another country, support your country and the citizens from that country and buy locally made clothing or make your own. Second hand shops are fun too. If you don’t know how to upcycle yet, that is fun to learn too. It is all fun and helps this broken economy.

New Look Skirt



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