World Vision Knit for Kids 2015


DONATE KNITTED OR CROCHET ITEMS – World Vision has a project called Knit for Kids that is right up our alley of what we already like to do! They need knitted or crocheted children’s hats, blankets and sweaters.  Make them in any children’s size from Newborn to Teen sizes.  Unfortunately, they will not all go to Syria because World Vision sends these homemade items of love all over the world to any kids that need them. There are patterns on their website that they suggest but you can use your own and see the following videos for ideas and information. The suggested yarn is Premiere Yarn Ever Soft which gives part of the proceeds to World Vision. I bought mine at which is $1.42 for solids and $1.31 for multis. You can make 1-2 hats with each small skein. If you are on the East Coast, AC Moore Arts and Crafts stores sell Premier Ever Soft Yarn and also has drop off locations and patterns for Knit for Kids. This yarn is not a requirement and not the only yarn you can use. They are asking for any 100% Acrylic Yarn. Please join the Joyful In Tribulation Ravelry Group to keep updated on how we are doing and post up your beautiful work which I love seeing and welcome pics of your work! Send your donated knit or crocheted items to:

Knit for Kids

c/o World Vision
210 Overlook Drive
Sewickley, PA 15143

There is no need to insure or express ship your sweaters, caps or blankets. They accept knitted items all year! Please print a packing slip and include it inside your package. Please mention the Joyful In Tribulation Ravelry Group on the packing slip. 😀

Here are some good patterns that I suggest but you can use your own. Joyful In Tribulation has a great single crochet hat pattern for kids if you would like make a basic beanie hat.

Children’s Hat Sizing for Crochet Hats and Beanies

Size (Age)

Head Circumference

Increase Circle

(When to stop increasing stitches)

Hat Length

(top of head to mid ear)

Hat Width

(laying flat)

Approximate stitch count*
Newborn (0-3 mos)


4.25” 5.5” 6.5” G-Hook (48)

J-Hook (36)

Baby (6-12 mos)


5.0” 6.25” 7.5” G-Hook (50)

J-Hook (40/42)

Toddler (2T-5T)


5.75” 6.75” 8” G-hook (54)

J-Hook (45)

Child (6-11)


6.0” 7.25” 8.5” G-hook (63/64)

J-Hook (54/56)

Teen (12-17)


6.5” 8.25” 9.25” G-Hook (70)

J-Hook (60/63)

note: The stitch counts change often for me when I use different yarns but these are approximate. Going by the increase circle is more accurate. The foundation circle is best with 8, 9 or 10 stitches for medium weight yarn.

Half Double Crochet Hat 2


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