Outlander Series Inspired Knits


I haven’t even seen it or the trailer yet but I love these designs. Don’t you?

Ugh, just started to watch episode 1 and there is gore and sex in the first 20 min so I won’t be recommending it but the time period is nice.






When researching to find a movie around the same time period, I realized there are more than a hundred movies on TV that are around the same time period but not really in Scotland in the 2nd half of the 18th century. It reminded me of Little Women and Narnia and Braveheart. I thought about the yarn. Well it looks like the used the wool from the sheep or whatever animals they herded in Scotland.  They probably handspun the yarn and dyed it themselves. They probably used natural colors and natural dyes. They were probably thicker knits because Scotland is a colder weather country that is not very sunny.

Then I thought about this time and era. Remember that I am in California. What does this mean for the average person who is not a model and has to accessorize what they already have. What about Plus sizes and older women with grey hair and women of color. We tend not to wear dark grey if our skin is dark or wear browns if our hair is brown.  The natural colors are beautiful and that is part of the inspiration of it. I thought about the trends in the past….grunge and shabby chick….but grunge is part of the death culture so I didn’t want to deal with that and it would look silly if we wear big heavy knits here in California. And what if it rains? What knits are good for the rain. Mind you it is 2015 and we have acrylic that can look like wool, also.

So anyway,  I decided to look for some similar looks but using patterns that are free so that we can make them ourselves using acrylic and pick about 6 different styles in knit and crochet patterns. If you do use their pattern I am sure the designers would be happy with a thank you and if you would visit their websites.



Outlander Clair Cowl pic

Outlander Crochet Clair’s Cowl

E.S. Paul’s Ravelry Store




Knitted Highland Travel Shawl

by The Next Beautiful Thing



Clair Starz Knit Outlander Sassenach Shrug

by Polly Foo Foo



Knitted Romantic Caplet

by Cathy Payson


Back to Scotland

Back to Scotland Crochet Cowl

by Tammy Hildebrand


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