Textured Baby Blanket

Moss StitchSize: 36″ x 36″

Hook: K-hook (6.5 mm) – Tight stitch, approximately 1200 yards

L-hook (8 mm) – Looser stitch, approximately 900 yards

Yarn: #5 Bulky, Big Twist Rainbow Classic Yarn (brushed acrylic yarn) Pastels colorway

Stitch: Moss Stitch (multiples of 2 plus 1)




Foundation: Loosely chain 92 (82 for L-hook), sometimes it helps to use a larger hook that is 1-2 mm larger for the foundation chain only.

Row 1: Starting from 2nd chain from the hook, *sl st 1, hdc 1* sl st 1, repeat this to the end (91/81 sts), ch 1 and turn.

Row 2: * 1 hdc, 1 sl st * 1 hdc , repeat to the end. Ch 1 and turn. (91/81 sts) [note: make sure you are going through the back 2 loops when you do your slip stitch because it looks like there are 3 loops to put the hook into but this is just the texture of the pattern]

After you do two rows, check to see if it is 34 1/2″ wide. If it is way off, unravel and go back to the foundation chain and add or take away stitches to get close to this number. Continue repeating Row 1 and 2 until you have reached a total of 35 1/4″ in length. In last chain do a cluster of (1 hdc, ch1 , 1 hdc) to turn to unworked side. Continue Row 2 around all three unfinished sides of blanket making a cluster of stitches at each corner to turn work. Your finished blanket should be approximately 36″ square. Each row is approximately 3/4″

Textured Baby Blanket



Heirloom yarn

For an heirloom quality blanket, try organic cotton or a soft fine merino wool.  Acrylic is best for charity blankets because it can be washed in hot water and put into a dryer, but if it is for your own kids or someone you know, they probably would appreciate a nicer yarn with gentler care. A very soft acrylic chunky yarn is Bernat Softee Chunky but there are other really soft bulky yarns that might be more expensive but may be worth it.



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