Chunky Knitted Baby Sweater

Yellow Raglan Sweater - Edited

This is a quick, easy, simple top-down raglan sweater that is even good for your first sweater project. I made it chunky so you can make them for charity with less than 1 skein. You will be surprised how easy it is!

Needles: #9 or 5.5mm or #10 6.0 mm needles 16″ length  and #9 or #10 matching  Double Pointed Needles for the sleeves (If you know how to do magic loop, do the whole sweater with a long cabled circular needle (36-40″ approx)

Stitch Markers:  4 stitch markers (3 in one color and 1 in another color)

Yarn: #5 Bulky Washable Soft Yarn

0-6 Months (6-12 Months)  gauge  13 sts = 4″

Measurements: Body is 18″ (20″) Circumference  and Sleeve from the underarm is 3.5″ (4.5″) in length

Body Starting with collar:

Cast on 40(42) sts and join in the round

Row 1-3: *k2, p1* for 2 x 2 rib (*k2, p1* for 2×1 rib)

Row 4: K6, pm, K14 (K15), pm, K6, pm, K14 (K15) pm     Note: color A  for the first 3 markers and color B for the 4th marker to show where the beginning of each row is.

Row 5: *M1L, K to 1 sts before marker, M1R, K1, slip marker to right needle*  Repeat until end of row for a 4 stitch increase.

Row 6: K only

Rows 7-20 (22): Repeat Rows 5 and 6 seven (eight) more times until you have a total of 104 (114) sts  or 22 (24) sts for each sleeve area or 30 (33) sts for each body area

Row 23(25): Sl 22 (24) sts onto scrap yarn and tie in a bow so we can work on it later. This is the first sleeve. K30 (33) This is front of the sweater. Sl 22 (24) sts onto a scrap yarn and tie in a bow. This is the 2nd sleeve we will work on later. K30 (33) This is the back of the sweater. The body of the top is now 60 (66) sts.

Row 24 (26): K for 3″ (4″)

Row 36-39 (42-45): *k2, p1* for 2 x 2 rib (*k2, p1* for 2×1 rib) for 3 rows

Row 37 (46): Bind Off and weave in end for the hem.


Row 23- 33(25-39): Put the live stitches on 3 DPNs and K for 2.5″ (3.5″) with yarn from the same skein and leave a yarn tail to hide the hole that happens normally under the arm when you’re ready to weave in ends.

Knit Baby Raglan SleevesRow 34-37 (40-43):  *k2, p1* for 2 x 2 rib (*k2, p1* for 2×1 rib) for 3 rows.

Row 38 (44): Bind Off and weave in ends for the hem.


Variation Ideas: The sky’s the limit!  Instead of rib you can try garter stitch or seed stitch. A center fat cable down the middle of the front is cute. Try making a roll edge by making 3 extra rows without rib so it can curl up. 1 x 1 Rib is cute.  Make it striped or do a fair isle design. Since you are not doing it in pieces do a fair isle design with a short repeat that goes all the way around the garment so you can carry over the colored yarn easier and not have a mess of yarn on the inside. Use 2 colors of DK at same time for a chunky color effect.

Knit Raglan Baby Sweaters


pm – place marker

k – knit

p – purl

Sl – Slip purlwise

M1R – Make one increase right leaning by using your left needle to pick up the yarn between the stitches from the back and knitting through the front of the yarn you picked up.

M1L – Make one increase left leaning by using your left needle to pick up the yarn between the stitches from the front and knitting through the back of the yarn you picked up.

** – repeat what is between asterisks over and over till the end of the row



If you find a mistake in this pattern, please let me know. I knit very loosely continental style and I used #9 needles with #5 yarn. Please go up in needle size if needed. If you would like to donate these to charity, please do. I am sure they will be needed during the winter months.

Dee Ann


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