Knitted Cotton Baby Boot Socks


This is a pattern that it out there but I tweaked it a little so that it has more of a wide foot, mirror stitches and the sole is more shaped. Cotton is not stretchy and not all patterns work with this yarn. Use the 3-6 months size if the bootie comes out smaller than 3.25″ in the 0-3 month size.

Needle: #7 (4.5 mm) straight needles to seam up back or use DPNs to do in the round

Yarn: #4 – 100% Cotton    Gauge: 4.15 sts/1″ or   16.5 sts/4″ 

Sizes: 0-3 Months 3.5″ foot,  3-6 months 4″ foot

Cast on 25 (29) sts starting at sole

Row 1: kfb, k10 (12), kfb twice, k10 (12), kfb, k1 (29, 33 sts)

Row 2-10: knit in garter stitch for 9 rows (29, 33 sts)

Row 11: k10 (12), k2tog, pm, k5, pm, ssk, k10(12) (27, 31 sts)

Row 12: p to 2 sts before marker, p2tog tbl,  sm, p5, sm, p2tog, purl to end of row

Row 13: k to 2 sts before marker, k2tog, sm, k5, sm, ssk, knit to end of row

Row 14-15: Repeat rows 12 and 13 one time (2 times) (19 sts)

Row 16-17: knit stockinette 2 rows and remove stitch markers (19 sts)

Row 18: kfb, *k1, p1*9 times for 1×1 rib fold over cuff (20 sts)

Row 19-35: *k1, p1* 17 (19) rows for 1×1 rib fold over cuff (20 sts)

Row 36: Bind off loosely with 16″ tail

Seam up back and mattress stitch the sole, weave in ends.

Variations:  For a garter cuff , garter knit for 5 rows after row 17 and bind off  loosely from wrong side or purl row for a 4 ridge cuff. 1) For roll cuff, stockinette stitch for 7-8 rows after decreases, then bind off loosely. For the 0-3 month size, you might want to do an extra decrease row because without a rib cuff it is a little loose so after completing last decrease, repeat row 12 to make a total of 17 sts.

See this page for abbreviations and let me know if something is wrong with the pattern. 🙂

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