Exercises for Knitters and Crocheters


I realize this will make some upset and offend people because they are enjoying Yoga but there are other ways to stretch that have nothing to do with Yoga and Hindu spirituality. We are Christians not Hindus and we do not believe all gods are the same and we should unite with other religions for peace. That is Tower of Babel peace. Christians are super nice and helpful and want to do what is right and we love all people but we don’t want to dabble in other religions or practices. That is a form of idolatry or spiritual adultery….don’t go there, eeeks!

Lion Brand has just posted a series of Yoga poses for yarn crafters. A great idea and concept but not really the direction we want to go in. While we don’t have to force our view on others and realize that some will not stop or care to understand or see the dangers of this, we need to respectfully decline invitations and avoid Yoga if you are invited into it by friends or family. The following videos will help you stretch before you knit or crochet to avoid injury and help if you get tense and need a stretch break. Hope this helps!  God bless you, sisters in Christ. 🙂



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