Easy Neck Gaiter

Easy Neck Gaiter

Gauge 6 sts per inch in rib (piece measures about 8 1/2″ width)

Needles size 8 (5 mm) 24″ circular needles

Yarn #4 worsted, washable

Sample is Bernat Super Value Team Colors, Navy/White 100% Acrylic


Cast on 100 stitches

*Knit 1, Purl 1* repeat this for entire round and each round.

Knit entire piece for 8-12″ (sample is 10″)

Cast off in rib stitch

Weave in ends well so they won’t come out in the wash.


Note:  You can scrunch it in tight on 16″ circular needles. If you are a loose knitter, try #7 needles and if you are a tight knitter, try #9 needles.

This gaiter is very versatile. I was able to fold in half for a turtle neck look. I was able to cover my nose and mouth for warmth. I was able to use it as a hat and this would work great if you have a dreads. I am sending this to Compassion Knit this month for charity.



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