Swap This For This – Eco-Friendly Yarncrafting

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1) Switch from Acrylic, Polyester and Microfiber yarn to Bamboo, Organic Wool, Organic Cotton or Tencel.

2) Switch from plastic stitch markers to metal uncoated stitch markers.

3) Switch from plastic or Acrylic knitting needles and crochet hooks to Bamboo or Birch needles and hooks. Try Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

4) Switch from buying things overseas to buying locally, in our state, province or country. Less travel, less carbon footprint on the environment. Some products are hard to get in the USA (for the time being since we just started to change the market) and it is not bad to buy Fair Trade items from Peru or some countries if it helps artisan small business.

5) Stop buying so much. Buy according to need, not want and hoarding your yarn which collects dust and bugs. Too much yarn is not likely to be used. Minimalism and Eco-friendly changes go hand and hand.

If you already own these items that are not eco-friendly, please continue to use them until they break and can no longer be used and try to repair or recycle them if possible.

My picks that may help in your next yarn craft purchase:

 Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton Yarn (622 PUMPKIN) 100g, Worsted Weight – $15 free shipping

Living Dreams Slinky Malinky Sock Yarn USA HAND DYED Colorfast Superwash Merino Tencel Fingering, Green 400 yards, 110 g Fingering Weight $29, Free Shipping

  Brittany Crochet Hook-Size H8/5mm, Made in the USA, $9.94

 Brittany Birch Wood Single Point Knitting Needles 14″-Size 8/5mm, Made in the USA $8.78

Stitch Markers for Knitting or Crocheting “Faith, Love, Hope, Believe” Crafted in the USA, $12.95

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