Basket of Socks KAL

Ok, so maybe I have huge plans for 2021 that are over my head. I am actually thinking of doing a year long KAL called Basket of Socks. It’s like the 52 weeks of socks or the box of socks KALs that many have been doing but this one is a basket that you buy or find or make yourself. And you do one pair of socks per month until you can fill the basket by the end of 2021. You can add any other item or fill it with other items as long as it is DK, fingering, sport or lace weight in a small accessory or toy or anything you knit or crochet to fill the basket with. You can use a kitchen towel or pretty cloth or anything you can to keep the dust out but you can keep photographing the items or the basket as it fills up.

I am looking on Instagram for basket of socks and there isn’t a lot but there is basket of yarn pics. Of course you can put the yarn in the wicker basket, basket bin or basket bag as you get it. I don’t have money for prizes and this is only an idea in my head but I’m going to keep going with it for 2021 and in December 2021, I hope to have at least 1 giveaway prize. I think the hashtag should be #basketofsocks without the year to take off pressure off when to complete this. During the year we can do related projects, prospects and prizes.

Maybe we can even have a way to merchandise it or sell our work. The are many possibilities. Let me know what you think. Connect to me on WordPress, Instagram and/or the MeWe Joyful In Tribulation Group to see more as it blossoms and more information comes out.


3-3-21 :

I have a Ko-Fi donation page! I want to get a Chicken Lady Fiber Arts or Cedar Hill Farm Company hand dyed skein of yarn for the #basketofsocks Sock Along here on Joyful In Tribulation presented at the end of the year.

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