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I just created the Joyful In Tribulation Group on MeWe and hope you will come and join me. 

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  1. I was, until today when I read your blog, unaware of the controversy related to Ravelry. And I want to thank and congratulate you for writing a very well-written blog post which very nicely explained why you have let Ravelry.
    If we, as American Christians, do NOT speak up – with unified voice – speak out against the fascism and hatred expressed against Christians – we WILL lose our Freedom to speak freely – AND we will lose our Freedom to exercise those Rights as clearly expressed in the very first Freedom our Founders gave us. Actually we know that these are God-given Freedoms that our Founders wished to protect and express.
    The Left has already spoken out against God and His Son, Jesus Christ – removed Him from the public square and now forbid even the mention of God in our Public Schools. And God help any student who dares to bring a Bible to school.
    They have “normalized” Evils such as by their “One-Voice” support o Abortion. They teach our children that the LGBT lifestyle is “normal” and I’ve even read o some Middle and High schools that encourage their students to “Try it – it may be best for you.”

    The longer we sit back and allow evil to be the norm, the worse our Great Country will be. Teaching our children that prayer is a great waste of time, that it is “normal” slay babies in the womb and in some states, allowing the
    “mother” to decide to “dispose” of the baby – even when it is born alive!

    The loss of our virtue, and the great decrease of Believers , is all orchestrated to WEAKEN our people so that we will be less apt to fight against their Evil agenda. I pray that God, in the Holy Spirit, will inspire all the clergy, regardless of specific church, will use their Pulpit and educate Americans of the Evils of these Leftists – and that their true agenda – which is to CHANGE America into a Socialist Nation. Under the Socialist system, do people understand that they will LOSE many of our Treasured Rights – and we will be under the Rule of those Socialist Leaders – effectively slaves to their Rule. Under the Leftist Rule, our Constitution will be “re-written” to accommodate the Leftist Agenda. Our Constitution, as originally written is what has kept us FREE and is the reason that this “little group”, named the United
    States has, in such a relatively short time, has become the most economically strong, enable us to maintain the strongest Military in the world.

    If folks stop to THINK SERIOUSLY about their vote. Do you really want to give to the government 70-90% of the money you make through your hard work. Listen to what some of these Democrats are saying! They want to take “Equal Pay” to new limits. That means even if you studied and worked your way to College and even to a Doctorate Degree, you have no right to your well-deserved higher paycheck.
    The guy who has no desire to WORK. Those who are now asking, “why should I go through all that work, when the government will soon give me the same pay as those who worked so hard to ‘better themselves!’
    Students will learn, thanks to the Leftist Agenda, that that contract they signed to get their Student Loans are meaningless, since these same Democrats are demanding the “forgiveness” of these Loans – they will, instead be paid by the taxpayers! Is that a good lesson to those who signed a CONTRACT to pay the Loan off, These are young adults, just starting out their “real life” – entering the work world. This REALLY angers me, -what about those who have paid off these immense loans? My son and his wife started out with Loans totalling well over $200,000! And they made it priority to pay off these loans within 2 years – and they did so! My so also paid off the “plus loans” which I had taken out to help him pay for his expensive education. I’m so proud of both of them! They PAY for things they want i this life – and would NOT accept government help! They are both highly intelligent – and I thank God that they are honest and independent. No way they support government “assistance” – because if the government pays for what you want or need, that same government will be free to tell you what you can – or cannot DO with that money.

    Thank you for speaking out – and for the COURAGE you showed us!

    God Bless you and your Family!

    Carol D.

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