Button Coin Pouch

img_20190723_184354.jpgGauge: 3.75 sts and 4 rows = 1” inch

Tools: Size G (4 mm) Crochet hook

Stitch Markers: 1 removable 

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. 100% Acrylic. Aran Weight

Notions: 1 – 24L button (⅝” diameter) with needle and thread to put it on with.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner 

Size:  One size (3” x 2.5”)


Instructions:   Starting from bottom of bag

Foundational Round: Make a Slip stitch with a 4” tail. Loosely make 10 ch sts. Make a sc in the 3rd ch from the hook. (This counts as 2 sts in one ch.) Sc in next 6 ch loops. In the next ch which is the last ch, make 4 sc sts in this one ch going over the tail and pulling it to close. Sc in the next 6 sts. In the last one, make 2 sc. Sl st in the 2nd sc top.  (total of 20 sc)

Note: sometimes I am short a space. That is because I sometimes miss where the 1st space is after the 4 sc in one st. Go back and see.

Round 2: Ch 1, 1 sc in the same st as the ch 1. Put a st marker on the 1st st. Sc 19. Sl st to the 1st st (the one with the stitch marker.) (20 sts)

Round 3-9: Repeat Round 2.


Flap with button hole

Round 10: Ch. 1, sc in the next st 9 sts. sc2tog in the last 2 sts, turn. (10 sts)

Round 11: Ch 1,  sc in the next 7 sts, sc2tog in the last 2 sts, turn. (8 sts)

Round 12: Ch 1, sc in the next 5 sts, sc2tog in the last 2 sts, turn (6 sts)

Round 13: Ch 1, sc in the next st, 1 hdc, ch 3, 1 hdc, sc2tog in the last 2 sts. (4 sts)

 Finish: Pull up yarn through live loop and leave a 6” tail. Use a blunt needle to sew the end down neatly and weave ends on inside of flap.

Button: Put flap down and use stitch marker to indicate where button should go. Lift flap up and use fingers to keep from sewing into back. Sew button securely with needle and thread.


JIT Handmade by DeeAnn H


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Starting Your Eco-Craft Journey

earthy yarn

Here are 3 tips that can change everything that you have been doing. Let me know if there are other things and perhaps we can make some changes together.

  1. Stop being a hoarder and instead become a craft minimalist:
I just put this on Etsy today. It’s a lot but I still have more!

I love YouTube podcasts and tutorials. I watch them everyday. Many times you will see a craft YouTuber with yarn cubbies in the background where they keep the whole wall filled with yarn. Many times they won’t use it and if you are in the real world with windows open and pets,  dust gets on it.  Rethink the way you do your crafting and free yourself from the mess of having to inventory, clean up and organize or get out of control and become waste. Buy yarn less often for projects you know you will work on and not because it is nice to look at and later you will probably forget it is there, I put my yarn in a big plastic quilt bag with a zipper. It keeps everything nice and clean and bugs and dust are not a worry. It’s not filled but as soon as spring is over, I am going to need a place to store my big quilt so I am planning on smaller zipper bag that the sheets came in.

I just photographed all my extra tools and tools I haven’t used in a while because I am seeing if I can sell them all. I put all my selected tools into one clean men’s toiletry bag. I suddenly feel better with the extra space in the room.


2. Only Use Yarn that can be Composted:

Wool is great. The sheep are well cared for, healthy and eat grass like they are supposed to. I saw that wool sock yarn usually has nylon or polyamide for the stretch and strength. They are still not compostable and even though it might be blended with something that can be, it makes the whole skein uncompostable. Go for 100% wool or a natural blend and knit at a tighter gauge. The less processing for yarn, the better. Not even dye is good for yarn unless it is natural dye. I know it is going to take more work but there is a market for what we are looking for and it is starting to take off. For the cotton, this is actually is not a good textile because most of the cotton is GMO which requires pesticides and corrodes the soil and depletes soil nutrients. It takes a lot of water to process, too. Instead of regular cotton use organic cotton which is more eco-friendly. Linen and bamboo are also good choices. Recycled yarns are out for consumers, now, also.


3. Buy locally:

This might be hard sometimes. It’s cheaper to buy yarn when it comes from China, India or Turkey but it still has to travel here. I know that there are yarn and crafting tools that we don’t make in the USA, too. Cheap yarn comes from places where they pay workers very little. Many times they are exposed to toxic chemicals. They wrap everything in plastic as they come into the states. All this is very bad because the people making and handling the yarn are more susceptible to illness and cancer-causing chemicals and the plastics they are wrapped in become landfill waste that will take a long time to decompose and leach toxins in the water supply.

At the same time there are rare sheep breeds in different parts of the world that I want to support and British classic wool. Also because of what happened in Sri Lanka, I want to help at least a little and help their economy. Sometimes I have dilemmas on what I should do because it seems like I will never be 100% eco-friendly as hard as I try. I am still debating with myself to use wood or metal circular needles. It’s been a month, too! The nylon cord is never going to be eco-friendly and as I said in another post, the thin bamboo knitting needles I use are starting to bend!

The plus side is always helping small business in your community within the country you live in.  It supports local craft and textile art businesses. It also takes less transportation to get here. It doesn’t have to be packed, inspected and put on an international flight or ship to get on another plane to get to our closest major city and then on semi truck and then on a smaller truck to get to our home. That is a lot of distance and fuel to get here.

Lastly, I want to conclude with that it is not easy and not always possible so please just do your best and eliminate the stress and worry by having less, creating more space, being more thoughtful with what you are going to do with what you buy and having a cleaner work space. You are learning like I am learning and together we will make better choices and this trend is going to change our lives and the way we think going into the future. We are the pioneers of the eco-friendly craft movement so please smile and do your best because people are noticing and watching you and will love to learn something about it. Have fun doing a little research and be ready to answer questions. God bless you all!

Comfort Crafts in Tribulation


There is turmoil in the world and country. We won’t be able to stop it completely ever. Life has its ups and downs and the word of God says that He sends rain on the just and unjust. That is everyone.

 Matthew 5:45   That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

I realize that there are some universities and colleges are trying to help the students cope by giving them coloring books, puppies to pet and Play-doh to knead to help them calm down. I think that is a direction that is immature in my opinion and it may be working but we have something that is time tested and sure that does the same thing which is to pray for strength, protection and help and to read God’s word. It is to come together and love one another in kindness.

Something we could do for our well-being and our comfort is to do our crafts not only to calm down but to help people. During WWI and WWII the women and children would knit for their husbands, fathers and for anyone who needed it. They made socks, hats and items to stay warm. It was a way to cope with all that they were going through. We are going through this and in the future it may be worse as we get closer to the time Jesus comes back and makes everything right.

Yarn is very soft and comforting to just even touch. I am sure it will help you and help others. People are making Christmas gifts right now and making charity items. This is also very important for us to do. You spend hours as you make something and think about that person. Even if you don’t know who it will be, you can pray for them. Prayer does work and helps and giving is a wonderful therapy as well. God seems to know exactly what we need to help us us in all situations.

 2 Corinthians 1:3   Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;

  2 Corinthians 1:4   Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.


Please see our Charity Page for places to donate to and also please “like” us on Facebook for daily free pattern links.


Knit and Crochet Essentials and Gift Sets

knit kit

Absolute New Beginner Kits For Charity and Gift Giving

Ladies, here is a list of what to get if you want to get started in charity knitting or crocheting. You can also give this as a gift for your children or granddaughters and help pass on the tradition. You can get everything at your local craft store and checking out local discount stores. Use coupons. If you would like me to put together a one-of-a-kind cute kit for you and send it to you I could. Tell me if you want more or less in the bag. I am very good at bargain shopping. The price does not include shipping to you. I will include 1 of my patterns as a project.

Absolute New Beginner and Essentials Kits For Charity and Gift Giving

Ladies, here is a list of what to get if you want to get started in charity knitting or crocheting. You can also give this as a gift for your children or granddaughters and help pass on the tradition. You can get everything at your local craft store and checking out local discount stores. Use coupons.

Crochet Hook Set (G, H, I, J, K) $7 (Plastic, Birchwood or Metal)
Retractable Measuring Tape $1Brittany DPNs
Folding Scissors $3.50
Metal Tapestry Needles (2 pack) $2.50
Canvas Bag $10
Canvas Pouch $7
Calculator $2
Stitch markers $3
Size 7 (4.5 mm) Circular interchangeable short knitting needle tips $6
Size 9 (5.5 mm) Circular interchangeable short knitting needle tips $7
3 Circular interchangeable knitting cables (16” 24” 32”) $2 each/ $6
Size 7 (4.5 mm) Wood or Plastic Double Pointed Needles 7” length $7
Size 9 (5.5 mm) Wood Double Pointed Needles 5” or 6” length $7

All this can fit neatly into a large cosmetic or pencil zip pouch. The canvas bag is to put your yarn in and carry around projects. Use only #3 and #4 washable yarn so it can fit all your tools.

Projects to make: Adult, Child and Baby Hats, Mittens, Fingerless Gloves, Scarves, Shawls, Blankets, Sweaters, leg warmers, booties, slippers, ear warmers, headbands, pet mats, pet sweaters or toys.

Optional ones to add in the future:
Size 10.5 (6.5 mm) Circular interchangeable short knitting needle tips $7.50
Size 5 (3.75 mm) wood or plastic Double Pointed knitting needles 8” length $5

Listed is size 5,7,9 and 10.5 but size 4,6,8 and 10 is a nice range of sizes too for #3 Baby Yarn and #4 Medium Worsted size yarn. Check the labels of your favorite yarns that you often use for needle suggestions.

Bare minimum would be #6 or #8 straight 10” length needles. You can buy these anywhere. To knit in the round some people prefer the magic loop method which is using long cables and then slipping the needle out and in the stitches. If I were to use just one thing I guess I would pick some #5 double pointed bamboo, birch wood, rosewood or plastic needles (comes in a set of 5 usually) and knit the old fashioned way . You can use 2 of the needles as straight needles. 

Pearls DPNs
Pearls Plastic Double Pointed Knitting Needles    (Made in the USA)

Where to buy:


Buying from yard sales and buying used is good too.
My mom bought me a ton of used things and I love them. But the thing is that I think I have too much now. The above list is what is basically needed and takes very little space.

prem needles
Premier Acrylic Needles Starter Kit


Something you might want to try is to make your own kit. They sell them in stores but they come in ugly packaging. My mom gave me a bunch of long needles in an old whisky bottle tin box. Looks like a pretty rectangular box. She gave me a cardboard hat box and she showed me her crafting collection which is huge with all sorts of sewing and crafting supplies. It is pretty cool but I have a lot of things I don’t use. The above is the least amount that does the most. Below is a starter or gift kit.

my first crochet kitStarter Gift Set

Crochet Gift Kit
1-2 skeins of medium weight yarn
1 hook (heirloom quality) I-Hook (5.5 mm)
Tapestry Needle
Booklet on How to Crochet
Project bag

Knit Gift Kit
1-2 skeins of medium weight yarn
#8 (5 mm) short scarf needles (heirloom quality)
Booklet on How to Knit
Project bag.

Lion Brand Tote


The first project will probably be a scarf or a dishcloth. Perhaps you can teach your friend or family member. I learned from Youtube but my mom learned from books. The yarn for learning should be basic. Don’t attempt boucle or any novelty expensive yarns. Something  basic that they can clearly see the stitches preferably a light or bright color.

Comfort Scarf

comforting scarf-1

Crochet Hook Size: L-hook (8mm) Go up or down a size if you need to stay within the 4-4 1/2″ width

Yarn: SuperSaver Red Heart SuperSaver Medium Purple #4 Worsted 100% Acrylic Made in USA

Size: 4 1/2″ width, 60″ length


This is a very feminine loose crocheted scarf. The big crochet hook makes this economy yarn super soft and comforting. I experimented many times until I came up with this pleasing pattern. I designed it for the charity, Handmade Especially For You which makes scarves to abused women in shelters that need a bright and cheery scarf.

Foundation Chain: Ch 14 with 5″ tail to weave in or work into stitches to hide.

Row 1: This row is the edging. Dc 1 in the 5th ch from the hook (counts as 2 dc). 1 dc in the next chain. Sk 2 chains , make 1 cluster in the next ch (cluster: 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) sk 2 chs, 1 dc in the last 3 chs. In the last dc do 3 sl sts down to inconspicuously get to the other side of the foundation chain putting hook into 2 strands of yarn as a time .  Turn work upside down.

Row 2: Using tail end and working yarn together, ch 2 (counts as a dc) and 1 dc in the next 2 sts, sk 2 sts, do a cluster in the ch 1 space (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc), sk 2 sts, do 1 dc in each of the last 2 sts and 1 dc n the turning chain (working in 2 strands not one.) Ch 2, turn.

Row 3-67: Repeat Row 2. On last row Finish off with a knot and hide and weave in the 5 inch end.


I would love to see your work on Ravelry or Facebook if you use this pattern. 😀


comfort scarf-3


Modified Pattern for a smaller hook

Hook Size : K-Hook (6.5 mm)

Yarn: Premier Yarn Deborah Norville Everyday Acrylic Yarn #4 Worsted Anti-pilling, Parfait Colorway

Size: 4.5″ width, 60″ length

Foundation Chain: Ch 16 with 5″ tail to weave in or work into stitches to hide.

Row 1: This row is the edging. Dc 1 in the 5th ch from the hook (counts as 2 dc). 1 dc in the next 2 chs. Sk 2 ch , make 1 cluster in the next ch (cluster: 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) sk 2 chs, 1 dc in the last 4 chs. In the last dc do 3 sl sts down to inconspicuously get to the other side of the foundation chain putting hook into 2 strands of yarn as a time .  Turn work upside down.

Row 2: Using tail end and working yarn together, ch 2 (counts as a dc) and 1 dc in the next 3 sts, sk 2 sts, do a cluster in the ch 1 space (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc), sk 2 sts, do 1 dc in each of the last 3 sts and 1 dc n the turning chain (working in 2 strands not one.) Ch 2, turn.

Row 3-74: Repeat Row 2. On last row Finish off with a knot and hide and weave in the 5 inch end.

comfort scarf k-hook

Textured Baby Blanket

Moss StitchSize: 36″ x 36″

Hook: K-hook (6.5 mm) – Tight stitch, approximately 1200 yards

L-hook (8 mm) – Looser stitch, approximately 900 yards

Yarn: #5 Bulky, Big Twist Rainbow Classic Yarn (brushed acrylic yarn) Pastels colorway

Stitch: Moss Stitch (multiples of 2 plus 1)




Foundation: Loosely chain 92 (82 for L-hook), sometimes it helps to use a larger hook that is 1-2 mm larger for the foundation chain only.

Row 1: Starting from 2nd chain from the hook, *sl st 1, hdc 1* sl st 1, repeat this to the end (91/81 sts), ch 1 and turn.

Row 2: * 1 hdc, 1 sl st * 1 hdc , repeat to the end. Ch 1 and turn. (91/81 sts) [note: make sure you are going through the back 2 loops when you do your slip stitch because it looks like there are 3 loops to put the hook into but this is just the texture of the pattern]

After you do two rows, check to see if it is 34 1/2″ wide. If it is way off, unravel and go back to the foundation chain and add or take away stitches to get close to this number. Continue repeating Row 1 and 2 until you have reached a total of 35 1/4″ in length. In last chain do a cluster of (1 hdc, ch1 , 1 hdc) to turn to unworked side. Continue Row 2 around all three unfinished sides of blanket making a cluster of stitches at each corner to turn work. Your finished blanket should be approximately 36″ square. Each row is approximately 3/4″

Textured Baby Blanket



Heirloom yarn

For an heirloom quality blanket, try organic cotton or a soft fine merino wool.  Acrylic is best for charity blankets because it can be washed in hot water and put into a dryer, but if it is for your own kids or someone you know, they probably would appreciate a nicer yarn with gentler care. A very soft acrylic chunky yarn is Bernat Softee Chunky but there are other really soft bulky yarns that might be more expensive but may be worth it.



January CAL / KAL – Pillow Case


Here is a long awaited post. I wanted to find some free patterns we could use on Ravelry. I am seeing a future pattern in the makes! Ravelry needs more pillow patterns.

Here are the best 4 that are similar. First, join our Joyful In Tribulation Ravelry Group. Then please add one of these to your project page. Just click on the pattern and then to the top right, click on “Cast On” or “Hook It”. You can rename it and add your own pic and then when you finished or while you are still working on it, add it to our group. In the “Groups” box in the lower right side, scroll to our group so we can see your progress and finish offs.  If you prefer to post pics to Facebook instead since it is easier, here is the Joyful In Tribulation Facebook Page.

knit herringbone pillow
Knit Herringbone Pillow Cover










Ripple Crochet Pillow Cover
Ripple Pattern Crochet Pillow


Knit Side Button Pillow
Knit Side Button Pillow


Crochet Side Button Pillow
Crochet Side Button Pillow


Union Rescue Mission LosAngeles

[DeAratanha, Ricardo -- B58427900Z.1 LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 10, 2010 - Hanna Moses Hines, cq, 60, who lives in the mission, is among hundreds of homeless people at the Union Rescue Mission eating a free meal on Monday, May 10, 2010. Moses, as she is known by, has breast cancer and she does not qualify for Medicare or Social Security, she says. To get by she sells the earrings pinned up to the teddy bear, on the table. This dinner was brought by Sportsman Channel Hunt, Fish, Feed, in partnership with cable show's CableCares. They were served fish and venison tacos made from meat donated by fishermen and hunters. The meats included elk, deer, bear, wild pig, sheep, tuna, yellowtail, salmon and tilapia. (Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times)] *** []

I want to point to a fantastic ministry here in Los Angeles. I am not far from downtown Los Angeles and there are some places I would not be at night and even during the day by myself. Skid row and South central L.A. is the sad part of Los Angeles where there are a lot of homeless people. Half of them are mentally ill. Many of them are on drugs and are alcoholic. Some are just regular people that ended up there. Who knows, I may be there one day myself, I don’t know.

Praise God for a ministry like Union Rescue Mission that provides meals and a safe place to sleep. Some women and their children come there because they are being abused and need to get away. Some need help. They get it there and some even are able to go to Hope Gardens which is their halfway housing. I raised my children not to be afraid of these people but just be aware….you know some are just unpredictable. You don’t know what they are going to do. It is scary. Some of them are Veterans. Some of them are prostituting themselves to get drugs. It really is a sad situation but these people don’t need our pity party to make them feel worse. They are human beings.

We can help. I know I want to help. I am gonna make some beanie hats…I wanna send them a package. Maybe I can get my brother to go with me and take them some things. They said you can make some Outreach Kits to pass out.  Ziplock bag with some food and socks and toiletries….whatever you think they need. Inside include an invitation for them to come the the Union Rescue Mission so they can have a meal. Pass them out to the homeless people near the Mission. I don’t know… it is just me and my son and we would take a public bus to get there. My son is afraid of those things. I don’t know if we could do this. Perhaps my older son may go, I don’t know.  About five years ago I did go to a rescue mission trip with a different church. I took my 2 boys and we served food. It looked like the school cafeteria. The square columns inside had bible scripture. I never forgot that.

WHAT TO DONATE  << Here is their Gifts-In-Kind List


JOYFUL IN TRIBULATION UNION RESCUE MISSION DRIVE – Help donate handmade and bought items with the Joyful In Tribulation Ravelry Group.


Please visit the LOS ANGELES UNION RESCUE MISSION WARM UP PAGE” for more information and tips

Here are some of the things I will be taking next week!

jit mens knit hats jit-scarf-cowl-and-crocheted-hats jit crocheted hats JIT Loom Scrappy Hats jit wool knit hats

Update 12-12-15

Just came back with my brother from dropping off the items.

Here is the tally: 40 hats, 14 scarves and 3 headbands/ear warmers.

When I got there it was so incredibly scary. My brother did not want to even park or get out of the car. The streets were lined with tents and it was scarier than youtube shows because I didn’t realize the amount of crazy drugged up people there were and how they just walk in the street not caring if there are cars. It happens to be close to the toy district and the fashion district where people go to do bargain shopping the 3rd world way. The parking lot next to the Union Mission was gated up. Perhaps the employees have remote control gate access. I am not sure. Since my brother did not want us to even park in the area we ended up with a plan B. We went around lots of one ways until we got back to the mission and I dropped him off at the front with the 2 large bags we had. He said keep the doors locked and keep your phone nearby. I went for my big circle route again which took about 15 minutes the first time and tried to go down a different street that looked less busy but unfortunately it was blocked off and had to make lots of detours to get back there. When I got back my brother was waiting near the door and he said he never wants to come down to skid row again.

He said inside there were lots of dangerous people and the front desk person was behind bullet proof glass. He said it looked more like a prison. My brother and I are average looking Hispanic people and we are not wealthy or stuck-up so we didn’t think we would look different than the crowd.  We came there wearing clothes to blend in, too.  I went to school near downtown Los Angeles and we both worked there in the business district a little ways off before so it was not like we had reason to be too shocked. I just want you to know, suprisingly, that little turn on San Pedro St where they are gets ugly quick. Skid row is hell on earth and the streets were lined with tents and carts when we got there. It must be one of the worst places to live. I don’t know if I will be going back to dropping off more items but these people definitely need prayer and help. If you want to send them items or donate, please do. Union Rescue Mission is doing more than we can do ourselves. They are a light in that pit of death and despair.  This is a place filled with people we definitely need to pray for and not try to ignore.


Here are some pics I took while I was circling the block by myself.

Img05_12-12-2015 Img03_12-12-2015 Img02_12-12-2015 Img01_12-12-2015

Knitting and Crocheting with Chopsticks

knitted hat on DPN

I started my hat using chopsticks. It is taking forever and is not perfect but I think I am doing pretty good!  I made my double pointed needles using 5 bamboo chopsticks from Daiso and sticking them in a hand crank pencil sharpener. I used a sandpaper block to smooth them. They are pretty smooth and working out well.  One end is narrchopsticks into DPNower than the other and I use the thicker to knit in my right hand and the other end is narrow so easy to pick up stitches and slip them off. Working with cotton is a pleasure too because there is no splitting of the yarn to worry about. The square shape is nice to hold and keeps the yarn on without slipping off.

While I was cleaning yesterday, I found a balsam wood set of chopsticks and they were longer than the bamboo ones so I sharpened and sanded the pointy ends. It didn’t work because the ends were narrow and the loops wouldn’t go on the thicker part. So then I put them in the pencil sharpener until I grinded off about 1-2″ of the narrow part and it was more even. I sanded them again and they worked. I first tried using acrylic yarn but it was weird becausknit sample on chopstickse the balsam wood is not very slick and the yarn didn’t want to slide easily.  Well now I know why knitting needles are never made of balsam wood. I sanded them again using my nail file because it is a finer grain than the sandpaper block I have. I used my wood dusting spray to see if the polish would make it slicker and it did a little. They sure smell good now. I knitted a little sample to show that it does work. I used a hair elastic to use as a stopper so the yarn never slips off.

Then I had acarved hook from chop sticknother idea! The balsam wood is very soft. I thought I might try to make a crochet hook on one of the knitting needle ends! I got my pocket knife and I made a dent about 3/8″ from the end of the chopstick on a corner. The I was able to keep slicing a thin flat piece off to that point from about 1″ down from the nick. I was able to shape the top and under the hook area with the sanding block and my nail file. It came out better than I thought! I went to my son and said, “Your Mom is awesome! Look what I made!”. Of course he wasn’t as excited but he saw that I made a hook. Actually the hook was easier to use on acrylic than the needle ends and is about as big as a J or K hook. This might be handy to fix the dropped stitches. I get how to keep looping the dropped stitch up to the knitting needle. I guess if you start off as a crocheter, some things click easier like that.  I can’t wait to make something with my new hook!


Are We Using Toxic Yarn?

kintted rib

I started off this website talking about natural yarns and then I got caught up in lots of acrylic yarn trying to do a lot of charity work and they DO ask for acrylic yarn. But somehow just recently I came across some articles and websites that make me want to stop using acrylic yarn or use it with caution.

Acrylic yarns are popular because of their affordability. But these petroleum-based products are usually made from vinyl acetate or methyl acrylate, both known carcinogens that can cause nausea, nose, throat, eye and skin irritation. The chemical process to create synthetic yarns also uses the solvent NN-dimethylformamide, a chemical linked to liver damage. More chemicals are used to wash, stretch, twist and dye the yarns. – greenlivingonline.com


The chemicals in many synthetic yarns are harmful to people. We use this yarn a lot for cancer patients and for babies but could we be doing more harm than good? I don’t know but since I am taking a month off from charity-work because my funds are low and I need to concentrate on my family responsibilities more… I am going to take some time to re-think about ever buying acrylic. I think I will switch to natural fibers as much as possible. I  don’t want to contribute to more suffering but to help suffering.  I know it is a little shocking but we need to face this.

A Canadian study found that women who work with some common synthetic materials could treble their risk of developing breast cancer after menopause.  The data included  women working in textile factories which produce acrylic fabrics   –  those women have seven times the risk of developing breast cancer than the normal population, while those working with nylon fibers had double the risk. – oecotextiles.wordpress.com


Here are some links I am looking at now:

acrylic yarnAre Your Clothes Making You Sick?

Chemical Clothing: Which Toxins Are You Wearing?

Should Clothing Have Toxic Warning Labels?

The Health Risks Of Toxic Fibers and Fabrics

Best Type of Yarn To Use For Chemo Caps

6 Synthetic Fabrics You Want To Avoid And Why

How Safe Is My Yarn?

Is Acrylic Yarn Safe?

Knitting with Organic Yarn



Yarns You May Want To Try That Won’t Break The Bank:

Universal Bamboo Pop YarnNiabi Studios Yarn

Lion Brand LB Collection Cotton Bamboo Yarn

Knit Picks Simply Organic Sport Yarn

Hemptique Hemp Yarn

Himalaya Deluxe Bamboo Yarn

Vinnis Colours Bamboo Yarn