Hope Pattern Challenge

Anyone need hope? Anyone need a challenge? Anyone who makes their own patterns?

This is a fun challenge for many of you. It can be knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery or almost any favorite fiber craft.

1) Make a free pattern for the ladies of this group or blog to try out. It can be as simple as a coaster or washcloth. Try publishing on LoveCrafts or try publishing it on your own blog.

2) Make it a beginner or intermediate pattern that relaxes you and gives you joy and a smile. Share that joy with us.

3) On Instagram use #hopepattern and follow the hashtag. Put the hashtag on the pattern. You can also post the link to the comments below or anywhere in the Joyful In Tribulation group on MeWe. Just show us a pic and where to find it.

3) Make it free for a month or more. Or you can do what I and many designers do by making it free on your blog and then making a pdf for sale. The due date is the end of November. I might make it longer but I am not sure yet. Aren’t you excited! 🌻😍🧶

4) Encourage one another with this challenge. It would even be nice to include a Bible verse or poetry if you want. Let’s bless each other and pray for one another during these trying times.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or message me.

-Dee Ann

Christian Mindful Knitting, One Stitch At A Time


JIT Inspiration - Mindful Knitting

5/13/20 – Mindful Knitting for Christians is different than the mindful knitting that’s out there.  Christian Mindful Knitting is about meditating on His word and putting our trust and faith in God for both our comfort and our strength. There is a difference between Christian and Eastern Meditation and we should not commit spiritual adultery by combining them. I think it is important to talk about it this week.

I’ve been so stressed out lately because of the horrible news that is on the TV all the time. I don’t know why or how it came to be that I am so sensitive to everything around me. I can’t even knit with my red ChiaoGoo knitting needles because the red colored cord stresses me out. I eat oatmeal with cinnamon because it is comforting. I drink Ginger tea because it is soothing. I sit here knitting with my bamboo knitting needles thinking about things, taking breaks to do chores and talking to my family here and there. This time in isolation is finally hitting me. It’s been months since I’ve had candy or cake or anything I miss.  I think I would feel terribly guilty if I did have a piece. I can’t enjoy my favorite stores and cafes. I have to be mentally and physically strong as a mother here, too. So I don’t complain or mention it. I’m taking it slowly like everyone else, one day at a time, one stitch at a time.

I will post some information and tips this week so we can do this as Christians women in a stressful time. We’ll learn and discover together. I will keep adding to this post so it will be a work in progress article until it is completed this month. If you would like to comment or add to the discussion, please post in the comments area or subscribe to me on Twitter or this blog.

5/14/20 – So what is Christian Mindful Knitting? It’s a therapeutic form of knitting or crocheting that is relaxing. Because it is Christian, it does not involve Eastern religious practices of emptying the mind and reaching a state of Nirvana or having a similar type of conscience zenith of mental enlightenment. It is not the New Age Christian form of Buddhism or Hinduism that has an “encounter with God” moment because you are chanting and emptying the mind. Instead think of it as a Christian form of meditating on God’s word and a time of prayer. Work on something simple and easy so that you can think and pray and remind yourself of memorized scripture. It is calming down our stress and anxiety to instead turning it to faith and trust in a Holy God. As we knit and crochet, we put focus on God or what God promises so that we can have purpose, mental strength and missionary focus. It is uncluttering the mind and heart of busyness needless worry to know that God is in charge and gives us the strength and the power and a calm courage. We can trust God through whatever happens.

If you enjoy knitting socks or shawls or blankets and have memorized the stitch so that you don’t have to challenge yourself with something difficult and new, then it is easier to keep your hands going while you pray and think and reflect. Christian meditation focuses on God and that is exactly what is needed sometimes in our life of ups and downs. Even when things are going well, we can use that time for gratitude. Things are never going to be completely easy but God will help us every time.

One thing I have learned this year is that sometimes we are not the only ones going through a tough time and we need to be strong for others.  As a mother, my main ministry is to my kids and at the very least, I can pray for them. I may not be a perfect mother but at least I can pray when I see them needing prayer.  Being online means that we can pray for people that we may never meet. Jesus once was asked, who is our neighbor? Jesus told us a parable that helped us understand it can be anyone we come across in our lives. Some of those people may not be our real next door neighbors but people we come in to contact even if virtually so we should love people and pray for them. There is never a shortage of things to pray about or to give those cares to God in trust that He will help us even if the timing or the way He handles it is not something we had in mind.

5/17/20 – Well my stress hasn’t gone away. I am still working on Mindful Christian Knitting. I am calling it Relax Knitting now because I am still trying to unwind and try different things to add to this point and to perfect going forward.

I tried to put relaxing music. I tried instrumental, smooth jazz, meditation type of music and I tried classical and they did not help. It was a good try and test but it did not relax me and it was distracting.  Videos are not working,  either and I don’t feel like watching movies.  Every since my divorce, it has been difficult to watch movies with couples or families or seeing people who are doing better or worse than me. It is something I don’t want to see. I like when the birds sing, though.

I noticed that my stitches are loose and that is frustrating.  I don’t want to use my metal needles. Unfortunately, I am extremely sensitive to everything and my stomach hurts. I ordered some bamboo sock needles that were a very good price. They will come in next week perhaps. I am looking forward to trying them.

But small things are also helping. So there is hope. I was looking for some knitting needles to start a new sock. My needles must be wood or bamboo or vintage plastic. I switched to DPNs and I am working one at a time which I am afraid I may not want to work on the 2nd sock but it’s about the process not the end product to feel relaxed. I am using the same cuff down basic pattern which is very easy.

One thing I tried today which was very helpful was listening to a sermon. I was able to keep my eyes focused on the slow stitches and listen to something spiritual. The pastor I listen to has no ads in his videos and they are about an hour long. That was a good part of my day.  My oldest son came to visit today and gave me 2 hugs. Wow, I really needed that. It was a good day. We need that touch. I think that may be part of what is making this lock down very difficult for single people. We were not made to be alone.

5/26/20 – OK well it has been more than a week and I feel better. It helps not to watch the news. I just want to leave some thoughts before I conclude this post. You can listen to music or whatever you want. For me it was distracting. You can meditate on God and His word and pray however you want. I am only telling you what helped me when I was so sensitive to everything at that point of time and everything was making the situation difficult. It is like having chicken noodle soup when you are sick or plain crackers when you have to eat something but you don’t want to eat. You can only take what you can handle. Sometimes the solution is different than normal but the results are good after a week. I actually can use metal knitting needles again. Things will get better even if it baby steps. Keep praying, keep trusting God, keep focus on the things you want to do and keep smiling. Big hugs to my sisters all over the world.




“Let’s Get Back to Work!” Sock Knit-A-long


If you know how to knit, let’s prepare ourselves or encourage someone we know with a pair of socks to look forward to the time we go back to work!

I am not saying to go against health guidelines but let’s look forward to the day we are free to leave our at-home-quarantine.

I have been posting how to knit videos and how to knit sock videos on Twitter and some people already know how to knit socks. It’s hard to have a KAL with so many levels of knitters and there are crocheters that prefer to only crochet. Maybe you can’t do it now but perhaps you can do this KAL in the future, who knows?



  1. Use the pattern by Patons Yarns called ‘You Better Work Knit Socks‘. The free pattern is from Yarnspirations. They have a Youtube tutorial video for this, too!
  2. Use fingering or sport sock yarn to get a gauge of 7 stitches and 9 rows per inch. If you use the suggested Patons Kroy Socks Yarn, please use the hashtags #Yarnspirations or  #patonskroysocks  when posting a pic of your final project on social media. You can even upload the pic on the Yarnspirations website on the bottom of the page.
  3. Use 3 colors. They don’t have to be the same colors although they would be nice. The iconic single stripe against a contrasting background for this look is important. If it for a man and an office job, perhaps you can add the contrasting stripe near the toe so no one can see it since it is in the shoe.
  4. The length can be altered. It’s almost summer. You might want shorter socks.
  5. They are not lounge socks and will actually go in a shoe. It would be great if you can wear them to work when this quarantine is over. That is why I did not add the similar pattern in a thicker yarn by Bernat.
  6. There is no ending date believe it or not. People can join in a year or more from now if they want! When you are done, please post it for us to see! You can post on my Pinterest page if you want. You just press the ‘Add Photo’ button. I suggested some other yarns there as well. My hashtag for my KALs and CALs is #jitproject for any social media website.


If you are a crocheter and want to make similar socks in the same colors and yarn, Yarnspirations has a free sock pattern in crochet.

If you want to make this knit sock for a baby or toddler Yarnspirations has a pattern called ‘Work It Out, Baby!‘.


Add questions to the comment area or email me at jitcrochet@gmail.com if you want to.


Dee Ann


4-29-20 Just bought my yarn. I shopped to get all 3 colors for the lowest price. Please see YarnShop4U on Etsy where each skein was $4.99. I also got those thin small light bulb shaped removable stitch markers for $1.65. Beat that!

5/10/20 – I still haven’t gotten my yarn yet! But I already started making a low-cut pattern for this look. Here is the draft.  When I get the yarns for this and maybe another colorway, I will make them and put the finalized pattern up on LoveCrafts.

Mother’s Day Gifts During the Pandemic



I am a mother and I still have a mother and I know many of you are mothers. I am thinking about Mother’s Day partly from bitterness and anger. My son got another package in the mail this afternoon. He keeps buying things for himself. Mostly clothing because it means less clothes to wash. I know how crazy that sounds and my family keeps talking to him about it but it’s been a month and I don’t think he fully understands at 18 the value of saving and buying things out of necessity. My other son is doing the same but at a different house since he is older and has a busy life. I don’t know where it comes from because I am so frugal. Maybe because they are young and trying to be adults. I don’t know.

But as I am thinking in the quiet with the laptop charging up…my kids better not get me flowers this year! I don’t need flowers during this quarantine! Then I thought….but what about the flower shop needing business. Well I hope there are better things at that shop than flowers. Not that I don’t like flowers but right now, everything must be useful and necessary. Flowers are not the necessity of life right now.

So I thought I should think about some top gifts to give your mother during a pandemic. Maybe a birthday. Maybe for any female you know! If you have a good idea, let me know and I will add it. Email me or comment below the post.

  1. ) Bath items – Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Brushes, Towels…. even better when they are handil_794xN.1729501541_7rdvmade or bought from a person who makes them or sells them locally. And please nothing from China.
  2. ) Food – I seriously think about my family before myself and they have no idea that I would love to have a jar of preserves or a bag of cookies but right now we are on a strict grocery list of things we need, not want. The ingredients to make some cookies would be nice, too.
  3. ) PayPal me – No need to get me a gift card. I don’t want anything from Target, Walmart or Starbucks. I am boycotting everything….LOL.
  4. ) Container Gardening items –  A pretty pot with a stand. Nothing plastic. And some seedlings of useful herbs or lettuce with potting soil. I don’t have a garden but I have a front porch and just imagining it is a nice thought.1-6-665x435
  5. ) A Kindle.  – It would be nice to read some books without adding any clutter to the house.
  6. ) Make the family dinner. All of us including Grandma and Grandpa and find out what they can eat because the doctor restricts them from eating normal food. A BBQ would be nice, too. Don’t forget the watermelon and lemonade. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday because of the BBQ family get together. A Mother’s Day one would be nice, too!
  7. )  Birkenstock Shoes – Have you seen the price of those? My, my, my.  But if you get me a pair, I promise I will smile more. LOL.

So what do you think, ladies? Did I get it right? Are you wanting these items, too? I would love to hear from you. Email me, comment or message me on Twitter. –    Dee Ann




One more thing,  I want to ask if you are doing OK and all is well with you? I am OK and with my family and all is well here. I can’t wait until this is over, though!