Basket of Socks KAL

Ok, so maybe I have huge plans for 2021 that are over my head. I am actually thinking of doing a year long KAL called Basket of Socks. It’s like the 52 weeks of socks or the box of socks KALs that many have been doing but this one is a basket that you buy or find or make yourself. And you do one pair of socks per month until you can fill the basket by the end of 2021. You can add any other item or fill it with other items as long as it is DK, fingering, sport or lace weight in a small accessory or toy or anything you knit or crochet to fill the basket with. You can use a kitchen towel or pretty cloth or anything you can to keep the dust out but you can keep photographing the items or the basket as it fills up.

I am looking on Instagram for basket of socks and there isn’t a lot but there is basket of yarn pics. Of course you can put the yarn in the wicker basket, basket bin or basket bag as you get it. I don’t have money for prizes and this is only an idea in my head but I’m going to keep going with it for 2021 and in December 2021, I hope to have at least 1 giveaway prize. I think the hashtag should be #basketofsocks without the year to take off pressure off when to complete this. During the year we can do related projects, prospects and prizes.

Maybe we can even have a way to merchandise it or sell our work. The are many possibilities. Let me know what you think. Connect to me on WordPress, Instagram and/or the MeWe Joyful In Tribulation Group to see more as it blossoms and more information comes out.


3-3-21 :

I have a Ko-Fi donation page! I want to get a Chicken Lady Fiber Arts or Cedar Hill Farm Company hand dyed skein of yarn for the #basketofsocks Sock Along here on Joyful In Tribulation presented at the end of the year.

Click to donate or buy me a coffee 🥰🧶☕️

Father’s Day Sock KAL

Father’s Day is June 21, 2020. It’s the third Sunday of June to celebrate and honor fathers and grandfathers. Have fun by making him socks this year!

The 4 designs I chose from have a rib or cable pattern to make sure they fit. My dad is picky so it if doesn’t fit right, he won’t wear it. Please post your pics on any social media so we can see and connect. #jitproject is this website’s hashtag but you can use anything that you want such as #FathersDay #FathersDayKAL #FathersDaySockKAL #SockKAL or anything you can think of.

I will post mine on Twitter and Instagram when I finish plus include a copy at the end of this page. Let’s do this! Woohooooo!

Father’s Day Socks in Lion Brand Sock Ease – 80226 

Father’s Day Socks in Lion Brand Sock Ease – L0702 
Men’s Casual Cables in Patons Kroy Socks 

Men’s Socks in Cascade Heritage – FW122 

“Let’s Get Back to Work!” Sock Knit-A-long


If you know how to knit, let’s prepare ourselves or encourage someone we know with a pair of socks to look forward to the time we go back to work!

I am not saying to go against health guidelines but let’s look forward to the day we are free to leave our at-home-quarantine.

I have been posting how to knit videos and how to knit sock videos on Twitter and some people already know how to knit socks. It’s hard to have a KAL with so many levels of knitters and there are crocheters that prefer to only crochet. Maybe you can’t do it now but perhaps you can do this KAL in the future, who knows?



  1. Use the pattern by Patons Yarns called ‘You Better Work Knit Socks‘. The free pattern is from Yarnspirations. They have a Youtube tutorial video for this, too!
  2. Use fingering or sport sock yarn to get a gauge of 7 stitches and 9 rows per inch. If you use the suggested Patons Kroy Socks Yarn, please use the hashtags #Yarnspirations or  #patonskroysocks  when posting a pic of your final project on social media. You can even upload the pic on the Yarnspirations website on the bottom of the page.
  3. Use 3 colors. They don’t have to be the same colors although they would be nice. The iconic single stripe against a contrasting background for this look is important. If it for a man and an office job, perhaps you can add the contrasting stripe near the toe so no one can see it since it is in the shoe.
  4. The length can be altered. It’s almost summer. You might want shorter socks.
  5. They are not lounge socks and will actually go in a shoe. It would be great if you can wear them to work when this quarantine is over. That is why I did not add the similar pattern in a thicker yarn by Bernat.
  6. There is no ending date believe it or not. People can join in a year or more from now if they want! When you are done, please post it for us to see! You can post on my Pinterest page if you want. You just press the ‘Add Photo’ button. I suggested some other yarns there as well. My hashtag for my KALs and CALs is #jitproject for any social media website.


If you are a crocheter and want to make similar socks in the same colors and yarn, Yarnspirations has a free sock pattern in crochet.

If you want to make this knit sock for a baby or toddler Yarnspirations has a pattern called ‘Work It Out, Baby!‘.


Add questions to the comment area or email me at if you want to.


Dee Ann


4-29-20 Just bought my yarn. I shopped to get all 3 colors for the lowest price. Please see YarnShop4U on Etsy where each skein was $4.99. I also got those thin small light bulb shaped removable stitch markers for $1.65. Beat that!

5/10/20 – I still haven’t gotten my yarn yet! But I already started making a low-cut pattern for this look. Here is the draft.  When I get the yarns for this and maybe another colorway, I will make them and put the finalized pattern up on LoveCrafts.

January CAL / KAL – Pillow Case


Here is a long awaited post. I wanted to find some free patterns we could use on Ravelry. I am seeing a future pattern in the makes! Ravelry needs more pillow patterns.

Here are the best 4 that are similar. First, join our Joyful In Tribulation Ravelry Group. Then please add one of these to your project page. Just click on the pattern and then to the top right, click on “Cast On” or “Hook It”. You can rename it and add your own pic and then when you finished or while you are still working on it, add it to our group. In the “Groups” box in the lower right side, scroll to our group so we can see your progress and finish offs.  If you prefer to post pics to Facebook instead since it is easier, here is the Joyful In Tribulation Facebook Page.

knit herringbone pillow
Knit Herringbone Pillow Cover










Ripple Crochet Pillow Cover
Ripple Pattern Crochet Pillow


Knit Side Button Pillow
Knit Side Button Pillow


Crochet Side Button Pillow
Crochet Side Button Pillow