Striped Ankle Socks

Yarn: 4 ply, #1 Weight or Fingering Weight Sock Yarn in 2 contrasting Colors.

Main color (MC) is the cuff, stripes, heel and toe.

Contrasting Color (CC) is the 2nd stripe color.

Gauge: 9 sts and 12 rounds per inch.

Needles: US size 1 (2.25 mm) Double Pointed Knitting Needles and Size 0 (2 mm) 9”or 10” circular knitting needles.

Other tools needed: measuring tape or ruler with 1/16” increments, scissors, darning needle about 3 removable lock stitch markers. (One stitch marker is for beginning of round and should look different than the other 2 stitch markers.)

Adult Sizes: Small 3.5” (Medium 3.75” ) This measurement taken is across the foot while sock is laying flat.



Using MC and a Spaced Apart Long Tail Cast On or German Twist Cast On, Cast on 60 (68) stitches on DPNs.

Knit 5 Rounds of 2×2 Rib.

2×2 Rib: [K2, P2] repeating this for the entire round.

Heel Flap

Turn work so you will be working on the purl side or wrong side (WS) of half of sock in rows. The front of the sock (Instep) will be left alone on the cable or 2 double pointed needles or a stitch holder while you work on the heel.

Row 1: (WS) Sl 1, P to end, turn

Row 2: (RS) Sl 1, K to end, turn

Repeat Round 1 and 2 for total of 15 (17)times or 30 (34) rows.

Heel Turn

Row 1: (WS) Purl 17(19) P2tog, P1, turn

Row 2: (RS) Sl1, K5, SSK, K1, turn

Row 3: (WS) Sl1, P to 1 st before the gap, P2tog, P1, turn

Row 4: (RS) Sl1, K to 1 st before the gap, SSK, K1, turn

Repeat Rows 3 & 4 until all stitches are worked ending on Row 4. You now have 18 (20) stitches left on this needle.

Gusset Set Up

(RS) Pick up and knit the slip stitches 15 (17) plus 2 stitches more before the instep to close up the gap until you have 17 (19) picked up stitches. Knit the 30 (34) instep stitches that you were holding as you put them on 1 needle if you are using DPNs and keep them separated by stitch markers. Now pick up and knit 2 stitches in the gap with the working yarn, pick up and knit the 15 (17) slipped stitches. Switch to the circular needles. Knit half of heel stitches to reach your new beginning of round starting point. Place a beginning of round (BOR) stitch marker here to remind you.

Add CC yarn to begin Stripe Sequence Pattern while working the gusset decreases and then while working on the foot. You will be carrying the switched yarn up to the toe at the bottom of the foot.

Stripe Sequence Pattern:

Knit 2 rounds using CC yarn. Knit 2 rounds using MC yarn. Do not cut any yarn until instructed. (You will cut CC yarn when working the toe.)

Gusset Decreases

Round 1: Knit all stitches for the entire round.

Round 2: K to 2 stitches before the instep, K2tog, K30 (34) instep stitches, SSK, K to BOR heel marker.

Repeat these 2 rounds until you are back to the original 60 (68) stitch count.


Continue in the 2 color Stripe Sequence Pattern for the foot area ending on a CC stripe until you are 1 3/4” (2 1/4”) before final sock foot length. The final foot length is the actual foot length minus approximately 1/16” to 1/8” for negative ease for the best fit.


This makes a rounded wedge toe. It is divided in 3 parts of instructions.

Toe Set Up

K15(17) with same MC yarn. You are now at a new beginning of round (BOR) and the beginning of the instep. Put a stitch marker here. Put another stitch marker at the end of instep. You have 30(34) for the instep and 30(34) stitches for the sole stitches as separated by stitch markers or needles. Use only the MC yarn for the entire toe area. Switch to DPNs starting with Round 1. Cut CC yarn with 8” tail.

Toe Part 1:

For size S and M:

Round 1-8: Just Knit only 60(68) stitches. If you are using DPNs, arrange your needles as follows: N1-30(34), N2-15(17), N3-15(17)

Round 9: [K1, SSK, K to 3 sts before the marker, K2tog, K1] Repeat this one more time within the same round. This results in a decrease of 4 stitches.

Round 10 & 11: Just knit

You now have 56(64) sts.

For size S and M: Repeat Rounds 9-11 once (twice).

You now have 52(56) sts

Toe Part 2:

Size S and M: Repeat Rounds 9 & 10 two (three) more times.

You now have 44 stitches for size S and M.

Toe Part 3:

Size S & M: Repeat Round 9 five more times. You now have 24 sts.

Divide these 24 stitches on 3 needles with 12 on each needle.

Graft toe using Kitchener Stitch.

Congratulations! Make the 2nd sock, wash in cold water and dry on delicate or hang dry. For blocking, lay flat so the cuff will remain stretchy.

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