Don’t Be An Eco-Bully

I was on Instagram just now and many times I see that there are people who love to say that Christians are flat earthers and are ruining the planet and don’t believe in Science. And these are the same people who have replaced God with Mother Earth goddess worship. I don’t believe in a flat earth and I am very eco-friendly. Maybe even more than others but don’t assume because I am Christian or Conservative that I am ruining the planet. People are more important and you are bashing people with assumptions that we are polluting the earth. Science has different takes from different doctors, scientists and scholars with the same amount of degrees. We don’t have to think the same way. Love people and do good. Bashing people’s views because they aren’t yours is bullying people. It doesn’t accomplish anything. It just divides people.
Do your part and offer better choices and give ideas. Forcing people doesn’t help either. If you want to get rid of plastic straws, offer incentives to food establishments to switch to paper straws, let people provide their reusable straws and give them a discount or a chance for a drawing or don’t even use straws.
If you want people to buy less yarn and stop buying acrylic or stop buying overseas shipments then offer some better choices made in the USA including recycled yarn or upcycled yarn. The largest craft stores don’t even offer American natural yarn or American made craft tools. People buy their yarn from WalMart because it is cheap. If they saw the factory and shipment process and how it does not benefit farmers or small business, maybe they will think twice.
Yarn hoarding is a thing now. I think it is ugly keeping a wall full of dusty yarn in cubbies that you never use plus you’re not a yarn store. Use it or sell it and buy only what you need going forward to get rid of the giant hoard. It’s 2020 and we have a new mindset than we did 10 years ago. It’s time to phase out the acrylic and polyester yarn and use yarns that will compost and have less harmful chemicals.
I didn’t do it all at once and everyone is different so let’s cut each other some slack on the matter. I am not forcing anyone and I actually get happy when someone makes a small change so lovingly encourage each other and don’t bash people with climate alarmism that says, “You’re ruining the planet! You don’t believe in science!”

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Eco-Friendly Yarn Changes

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I was eco-friendly before eco-friendly was cool. LOL. I like that term a lot. I want to use it more so expect me to say it and post it.  It is a friendly, happy, joyful word. It says you care about your surroundings, love beauty, love people, have good habits, you are probably a smiley happy person and it shows that you are making an effort to make things better.

So what can we do as eco-friendly yarn crafters? Common sense, my friends.

Stop buying unsustainable yarn.

Some people are going to freak out when I say that you should stop buying the acrylic yarn. Yep, this is not an environmentally friendly yarn. I like the colors, the price and the washablity.  I totally understand. But all these synthetic yarns that are so popular are chemically made and they do not break down easily in landfills and the process affects our water, air and soil in a negative way. Use what you have and finish up projects but please say no to the acrylic. Going forward, please use yarns that are more sustainable.

Cut down on the stashing

A lot of vloggers on youtube like to show their stash in the background and people look at it as being impressive. I think it is ugly.  It looks like clutter, it’s collecting dust and may even attract bugs. It shows people with a hoarding problem.  I also see it as people trying to flaunt their wealth. Especially if they build elaborate shelves and do interior decorating to display it like someone who is actually selling it. I am more impressed with the person who has their whole stash in one bag or one box.  Some people might say it makes them happy and some people may like seeing it.  Well then do what you want. I am not going to force people into anything but to me it sure looks like a waste of space and money.  You are going to end up not using it and it will just end up in a pile somewhere.

Buy less and better quality

Someone said this in a video podcast I just posted recently.  She also suggested buying thinner yarn because it would take you longer to finish a project. It is such a good idea! For some of us it the enjoyment of the process and even though the yarns that are better for the environment are more expensive and harder to get, you won’t need a bunch of it if you are using less yarn and are more mindful of how you are using it. Your purchase activity will also influence the market. I remember when organic food was just starting and everyone had the few products available in their shopping carts and from there, more organic products started popping up because consumers have more power than Less.pngthey know. Bamboo yarn costs more than the acrylic yarn.  Just buy less and less often. It is actually are more freeing process. Minimalism goes well with environmentalism. Less is more.

These are three things to think about perhaps to begin a change in the whole industry and it begins with you and me.  Small decisions like these will make a big impact on our wallets, on our environment, our health, our future, the heritage we leave to our children and future generations.

My Disclaimer

As far as I know, I am the only one who believes what I do as far as sustainable yarn crafting goes. Please do not put me into any category because on this subject I am totally far from any political activism on this subject. I want to be far from political influence on this because what I have seen is a lot of alarmism and extremism. I am not for working on any legislation to ban anything even if it is for good because I think we should do this on our own apart from the government. We should self ban and make better choices on our own as individuals. My focus is inspiring and influencing the individual so we do it ourselves.  Do it yourself.  Let’s make it a grassroots movement.


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♻️ Be part of the solution and not the problem. No more buying acrylic, microfiber, polyester or anything that won’t break down. Think biodegradable. Bamboo, Hemp, Organic Cotton, Linen, Tencel and humanely sheared wool.♻️