Joyful Baby Hat and Booties Set

Joyful Baby Hat and Booties (updated 2017)  Original Version still available

Yarn: Washable Worsted Yarn    

Gauge: 4.25 sts and 4.5 ridges per 1″

Needles:  Straight Needles / Circular or Straight Needles for Hat, Gauge determines needle size

Foot Sizes: Newborn (3.5”), 3-6 months (4”)

Hat sizes: Newborn (13”), 3-6 months (14”)

Designer: DeeAnn H       Website:

I re-did this pattern a year later because I learned that everyone’s gauge is different and I wanted to make it simple and have just one pattern in worsted for Newborn size with size 3-6 months in parenthesis.

Cast on 19 sts (23 sts)

Row 1:  RS –  kfb in 1st st, k7 (k9) , kfb in next 2 sts, k7 (k9)  kfb, k1  – 23 sts (29 sts)

Row 2, 4, 6, and 8:  knit only

Row 3: kfb in 1st st, k9 (k11) , kfb in next 2 sts, k9 (k11), kfb, k1  – 27 sts (31 sts)

Row 5: kfb in 1st st, k11 (k13), kfb in next 2 sts, k11 (k13), kfb, k1  – 31 sts (33 sts)

Row 7: k14 (k16), kfb in next 2 sts, k15 (k17)  – 33 sts (37 sts)

Row 9: k15 (k17), kfb in next 2 sts, k16 (k18)  – 35 sts  (39 sts)

Row 10-14:  starting and ending on WS knit 5 rows   – 35 sts (39 sts)

Row 15: RS –  k20 (k22), ssk, turn  – 34 sts (38 sts)

Row 16 – 26 (28) : wyif  sl 1 st from right needle to left needle, wyib slip that same st back to right needle, k6, ssk, turn , repeat this row until there are 8 sts (9 sts) unworked on right needle before you turn and have a total of 23 sts (25 sts) on WS.

Row 27 (29) :  RS –  wyif sl 1 st from right needle to left needle, wyib slip that same st back to right needle, k to end of row  – 23 sts (25 sts)

Row 28- 29 (30-31):  knit Only  – 23 sts (25 sts)

Row 30 (32):  eyelet row  – k1, *YO, k2 tog*, repeat * to * to the end of row. –  23 sts (25 sts)

Row 31-39 (33-43):  Garter knit 9 (11) rows  – 23 sts (25 sts) [note: if you want to do 1 x 1 rib for cuff, kfb 1 st at the beginning of row 30 (32) to make 24 sts (26 sts) and *k1. p1* for 20 rows]

Row 40 (44): bind off loosely from wrong side. Leave about 14” of tail. Fold right sides inside and seam back and sole of bootie.

For ties: With an F size (3.75 mm) crochet hook, chain 80 (82).  With thumb nail scoot up end chains so it makes tight knots at ends so you can trim the excess yarn after weaving them through the eyelet holes.

Matching fold brim hat: Cast on 56 (60) sts, join in the round if working in the round. Garter stitch for 7 1/2 (8) inches ending on a purl or wrong side row, and then *k2tog* each knit or right side row until you have about 7-8 sts left for a gathered crown.  Close up remaining sts with end tail and knot on inside and weave in ends. For flat garter stitch on straight needles, seam up sides with mattress stitch. It might be easier to leave a long tail at the beginning and gather up remaining sts, secure and weave inside the crown of hat.

k – knit, RS – Right Side, WS – Wrong Side, kfb – knit front and back for a single increase, wyif – with yarn in front, wyib – with yarn in back, sts – stitches, garter stitch – alternating knit and purl rows on right side. See YouTube on how to seam garter stitch.