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[DeAratanha, Ricardo -- B58427900Z.1 LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 10, 2010 - Hanna Moses Hines, cq, 60, who lives in the mission, is among hundreds of homeless people at the Union Rescue Mission eating a free meal on Monday, May 10, 2010. Moses, as she is known by, has breast cancer and she does not qualify for Medicare or Social Security, she says. To get by she sells the earrings pinned up to the teddy bear, on the table. This dinner was brought by Sportsman Channel Hunt, Fish, Feed, in partnership with cable show's CableCares. They were served fish and venison tacos made from meat donated by fishermen and hunters. The meats included elk, deer, bear, wild pig, sheep, tuna, yellowtail, salmon and tilapia. (Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times)] *** []

I want to point to a fantastic ministry here in Los Angeles. I am not far from downtown Los Angeles and there are some places I would not be at night and even during the day by myself. Skid row and South central L.A. is the sad part of Los Angeles where there are a lot of homeless people. Half of them are mentally ill. Many of them are on drugs and are alcoholic. Some are just regular people that ended up there. Who knows, I may be there one day myself, I don’t know.

Praise God for a ministry like Union Rescue Mission that provides meals and a safe place to sleep. Some women and their children come there because they are being abused and need to get away. Some need help. They get it there and some even are able to go to Hope Gardens which is their halfway housing. I raised my children not to be afraid of these people but just be aware….you know some are just unpredictable. You don’t know what they are going to do. It is scary. Some of them are Veterans. Some of them are prostituting themselves to get drugs. It really is a sad situation but these people don’t need our pity party to make them feel worse. They are human beings.

We can help. I know I want to help. I am gonna make some beanie hats…I wanna send them a package. Maybe I can get my brother to go with me and take them some things. They said you can make some Outreach Kits to pass out.  Ziplock bag with some food and socks and toiletries….whatever you think they need. Inside include an invitation for them to come the the Union Rescue Mission so they can have a meal. Pass them out to the homeless people near the Mission. I don’t know… it is just me and my son and we would take a public bus to get there. My son is afraid of those things. I don’t know if we could do this. Perhaps my older son may go, I don’t know.  About five years ago I did go to a rescue mission trip with a different church. I took my 2 boys and we served food. It looked like the school cafeteria. The square columns inside had bible scripture. I never forgot that.

WHAT TO DONATE  << Here is their Gifts-In-Kind List


JOYFUL IN TRIBULATION UNION RESCUE MISSION DRIVE – Help donate handmade and bought items with the Joyful In Tribulation Ravelry Group.


Please visit the LOS ANGELES UNION RESCUE MISSION WARM UP PAGE” for more information and tips

Here are some of the things I will be taking next week!

jit mens knit hats jit-scarf-cowl-and-crocheted-hats jit crocheted hats JIT Loom Scrappy Hats jit wool knit hats

Update 12-12-15

Just came back with my brother from dropping off the items.

Here is the tally: 40 hats, 14 scarves and 3 headbands/ear warmers.

When I got there it was so incredibly scary. My brother did not want to even park or get out of the car. The streets were lined with tents and it was scarier than youtube shows because I didn’t realize the amount of crazy drugged up people there were and how they just walk in the street not caring if there are cars. It happens to be close to the toy district and the fashion district where people go to do bargain shopping the 3rd world way. The parking lot next to the Union Mission was gated up. Perhaps the employees have remote control gate access. I am not sure. Since my brother did not want us to even park in the area we ended up with a plan B. We went around lots of one ways until we got back to the mission and I dropped him off at the front with the 2 large bags we had. He said keep the doors locked and keep your phone nearby. I went for my big circle route again which took about 15 minutes the first time and tried to go down a different street that looked less busy but unfortunately it was blocked off and had to make lots of detours to get back there. When I got back my brother was waiting near the door and he said he never wants to come down to skid row again.

He said inside there were lots of dangerous people and the front desk person was behind bullet proof glass. He said it looked more like a prison. My brother and I are average looking Hispanic people and we are not wealthy or stuck-up so we didn’t think we would look different than the crowd.  We came there wearing clothes to blend in, too.  I went to school near downtown Los Angeles and we both worked there in the business district a little ways off before so it was not like we had reason to be too shocked. I just want you to know, suprisingly, that little turn on San Pedro St where they are gets ugly quick. Skid row is hell on earth and the streets were lined with tents and carts when we got there. It must be one of the worst places to live. I don’t know if I will be going back to dropping off more items but these people definitely need prayer and help. If you want to send them items or donate, please do. Union Rescue Mission is doing more than we can do ourselves. They are a light in that pit of death and despair.  This is a place filled with people we definitely need to pray for and not try to ignore.


Here are some pics I took while I was circling the block by myself.

Img05_12-12-2015 Img03_12-12-2015 Img02_12-12-2015 Img01_12-12-2015