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It has come to my attention that some people find MeWe confusing. I am no expert, I’m still learning the ropes and I’m sure I am not the best at explaining it. If anyone in the craft community has a video or makes a video on this, please let me know.

MeWe is the best alternative to Facebook and does not require a phone number. I will do my best to briefly explain it.

Download the app or sign up on the web page. Look for the ‘Communities’ symbol or word and click on it. A ‘Community’ is a community group of like minded people. There are many to choose from. Scroll down and look for ‘Browse Communities’, click on it. Scroll down and look for ‘Crafts’ and pick the one you like best. The ones with the most members is at the top and at the bottom are the ones with 5 or more members. If you want to start one, you will not be listed as a new Community until you have 5 members. Join or Request to Join a Community.

There are two pages on each ‘Community Group’ and they look different whether you are on a desk top or on a mobile phone. There is a post page and a chat page. The administration will choose how these two pages are to be used. For my post page, I have stationary post on the top of the other posts of my choosing that can stay there as long as I want. I post daily pattern and video tutorial links that I find around the web. I have it set that only I can post or I can approve a post from a member. The members can comment on posts freely. Some groups allow their members to post but I don’t because I want members to post in the chatroom instead. You can switch to the chatroom from the top of the page. In the chatroom I allow anyone to post, put up links or photos or use emojis as much as they want including the ability to post a pic and a link for a way for people to buy a product. If you are a dyer, make stitch markers or project bags, or want to sell your unused yarn or tools you never use, please post a pic and a price and hopefully someone will buy it.

On the post page you will see a banner picture at the top. On the lower right hand side you will see an ‘i’ in a circle. Click on this to go to a group information page where you can make a profile page and avatar just for this group. You can access the group’s PDF files or see more group information including a way at the bottom of the page to leave the group forever. I joined too many groups the first day and had to leave some of them.

There is something called ‘Profile Page’. You can have your own banner and a whole different avatar pic that the ones you choose on your group page. You can have an inner circle and connect to other people’s profile page. You can post to your profile page and people you want to see this page is controlled by you. This is confusing. I realize that. But it is worth learning because the amount of people on it is enormous. It is better not to connect to people’s ‘Profile’ page but see them in a ‘Community Group’ if you are a private person or don’t agree with their personal views. My Profile page which is personal and my Community Page which is public are very different. I like to keep them separate with different people. The Community Page is my oasis from all the madness going on in the world.

Then there is something called a Feature Page. A Feature Page is like a fan page. You can see posts from famous people, news pages, websites and even stores. A Group page costs only $1.99 a month. You can find them at the bottom of the ‘Browse Groups’ area. You interact with the people or company through the comment section of each post. You will be notified when they post something when you join their feature page.

I hope you will join the ‘Joyful In Tribulation’ MeWe Community Group Page in the ‘Craft Community section. We are at 100 subscribers already!

Join MeWe at

Cactus Bag is Available For Pre-Order!

Cactus Bag Summer Kit is Available for Pre-Orders!

The designs are simple and the yarn is beautiful!

Good news is that Cathy from CraftingMemories1 on Youtube will be showing the Spring bag on her vlog, probably on Friday. Please subscribe to her channel. She has something fun coming up. We all need to support each other and help anyone with a small business or a small channel because that is where all the interesting things are!

Thank you, Cathy! Thank you to all the great vendors I worked with to get this bag together, too.

Click here to go straight to my Storenvy shop to see the Cactus Bag Pre-Order Page.

And yes, I am still Eco-Friendly! No acrylic yarn!

Please also check out these other ways for us to connect and please see my other shops. My website has plenty of free patterns!

JIThandmade on Storenvy (My finished objects and Cactus Bag)

JIThandmade LoveCrafts (My recent free and paid patterns)

Eco-Joy Shoppe on TeeSpring (My TeeSpring Merch that I designed)

JIThandmade on Twitter (Daily patterns, videos and inspiration for my subscribers)

JIThandmade on Pinterest (I have over 2000 followers and I have been pinning a lot!)


Dee Ann H


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