Stress and Knitting

This Pandemic has affected me in all sorts of new ways I have not had to deal with before. Unfortunately, I see knitting world carrying on as if there is no change except a delay in getting out packages. How many have lost jobs and businesses? How many have wedges between family members? How many like me have new phobias and sensitivities to things around us. Meanwhile, they are continuing to scare us with pandemic restrictions, regulations and I still don’t know if this new vaccine will become mandatory or if it contains human fetal or animal diploid cells or anything else I do not want injected into my bloodstream.

I am trying hard to find peace. Without yoga or witchcraft or drugs, I have been working on dealing with stress. Not that it is completely gone because my storage unit keeps continually increasing higher in price and I have to downsize and get rid of things and for me that is traumatic and stressful and doesn’t seem to go away.

Anyway, I will tell you a few things that have helped.

#1 is I stopped watching TV and news stations. Not that I never get news because the grape vine gossip exists in my home. I always get news that affects me without a TV. It’s one less thing that I have to deal with and it helps not to watch repeating bad news.

#2 Do things you love to do. I like knitting. Sometimes I like crocheting, too. Sometimes I knit stockinette in a tube just to frog it back. The process is very comforting and using DPNs is comforting, too.

#3 Get some sun. If I don’t go out in the backyard and get a little bit of sun, I start to feel depressed. Now I know why there is so much depression in Seattle, Washington. Too many dark or grey days without sunshine and green affects health. In the city, I never see nature unless it is planted there. Sometimes I watch amature nature walks on YouTube and it is such great therapy.

#4 Eat for survival and not pleasure. I love chocolate and pizza but at age 50 I can get heartburn easily and I can’t eat super spicy food anymore. To avoid the doctor and taking tons of prescription pills like my mother does, I try to be as healthy as I can. Plus after a divorce with a good cook, nothing tastes the same anymore and I don’t want to reminisce my old relationship. Not getting bigger during the pandemic is making me feel better, too.

#5 Live simply. I have a little that I own. It’s easy to buy too much. Keeping everything simple and maintenance free is easier to deal with. Keep your stash down. Those big stash walls and cubbies full of yarn may make vloggers happy but to me that is ugly. Watch an episode of Hoarders on YouTube and you’ll want to stop collecting things to the point of hoarding.

#6 During this pandemic I am sensitive to colors and sounds. So far the most relaxing audio is the sound of gentle rain or rustling leaves. As far as color, I love bright color but right now I stay away from it because it makes me feel stress. I like vanilla off white, wheat yellow and light spring green, Those colors help me keep me calmer.

#7 Something tried and true that I sometimes don’t want to do is read the Bible. I feel better emotionally after I have read the Bible. I pray often and that is daily but unfortunately and surprisingly, I don’t desire to read the Bible like I did 10 years ago but it always makes me feel good and centered and complete after I read a few chapters. Try it and see how you feel.

I would love to know what you are doing for stress. Please write it in the comments or come and visit me on MeWe or Instagram because I check those daily. See my About page so you know where to find me on Social Media,

I am also thinking about funding a charity for women who might want to learn how to knit and can’t afford the yarn and needles but I need help on figuring out how to do that. Plus how would I find these women? Maybe you have a local charity in your town. I would rather the money or supplies go to the people directly and not through a regular charity where the CEO makes a fortune. What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts on that, too.