Slouchy Scrunchy Socks

Free knitted sock pattern in sport weight yarn.

Yarn: Briggs and Little, Durasport, Denim Blue, 80% Wool/ 20% Nylon

Gauge: 8 stitches and 10 rounds per inch, in sport weight with size 2 needles, For smaller size – 8.5 stitches and 12 rounds per inch in fingering weight. Use whatever size needles gives you the correct gauge. Make a swatch tube in the round at least 2” in length.

Needles: Medium Size – Double Pointed Knitting Needles US size 3 (3.25 mm) for the cuff and US size 2 (2.75 mm) for the foot

Small Size – Double Pointed Knitting Needles US size 2 (2.75 mm) for the cuff and US size 1 (2.25 mm) for the foot

Other tools needed: scissors, darning needle and 2 dozen removable stitch markers.

Adult Sizes: Medium is 3.75” across the sock, Small is 3.5” across the sock


Cuff: Using a Long Tail Cast On or the German Twisted Cast On with the larger needles, Cast on 68 stitches.

In 2×2 Rib, Make a 10” (9” for small size) cuff.

2×2 Rib: [K2, P2] repeating this for each round.

Foot: Switch to the smaller needles and reduce the stitches to 60 stitches in the following manner:

[K6, K2tog, K7, K2tog] Repeat this 3 more times, 4 times total (8 stitches reduced)

Knit in stockinette stitch (just knit stitch) for 4 rounds.

Heel Flap: Turn work so you will work the last 30 stitches you just knitted.

For 1st round, combine all 30 stitches on 1 needle. You will be working these stitches in a flat manner.

Row 1) (WS) K2, P26, K2, turn

Row 2) (RS) Knit only, turn

Repeat Round 1 and 2 for total of 15 times. Tally on a piece of paper to avoid mistakes.

Heel Turn:

Row 1: (WS) Purl 17, P2tog, P1, turn

Row 2: (RS) Sl1, K5, SSK, K1, turn

Row 3: (WS) Sl1, P to 1 st before the gap, P2tog, P1, turn

Row 4: (RS) Sl1, K to 1 st before the gap, SSK, K1, turn

Repeat Rows 3 & 4 until all stitches are worked ending on the last stitch of Row 4

Gusset: (RS) Using a spare needle, pick up 1 yarn of the outer most part of garter stitch nubs on the edge of the left side of heel until you have 15 picked up stitches on that needle. With working yarn, knit those 15 stitches. Pick up 2 more stitches before the instep stitches still held on DPNs to close up any gaps. Knit 30 stitches of instep stitches and put them on 1 needle, with the spare needle, pick up 2 stitches in the gap, pick up 15 stitches on the garter edge nubs on the right side of heel flap.

You now have 18 heel stitches, 17 picked up stitches on both sides and 30 instep stitches. 18 + 17 + 30 + 17 = 82 stitches total on 4 needles. The middle of the heel stitches is now the new beginning of round. Place a marker at this point to remind yourself.

Gusset Decrease Round 1: Knit all stitches.

Gusset decreased: K to 3 stitches before the instep, K2tog, K1, Knit Instep stitches, K1, SSK, K to marker.

Repeat these 2 rounds until you are back to the original 60 stitch count. Remove marker, K 15. You are now back to the original start of round.

Foot: marking every 10 rounds at the beginning of round with a stitch marker to easily know how many rounds you have done, knit in stockinette stitch (just knitting) each round until you have made a a foot length 1.75” (1.5”) before final sock foot length and before doing the toe part of the sock.

Toe: This makes a rounded wedge toe.

Round 1: [K1, K2tog, K24, SSK, K1] repeat 1 time, 56 stitches remain.

Round 2 & 3: Just knit

Round 4: [ K1, K2tog, K22, SSK, K1] Repeat 1 time. 52 stitches remain.

Round 5 & 6: Just knit

Round 7: [K1, K2tog, K20, SSK, K1] Repeat 1 time. 48 stitches remain.

Round 8: Just Knit

Round 9: [K1, K2tog, K18, SSK, K1] Repeat 1 time. 44 stitches remain.

Round 10: Just knit

Round 11: [K1, K2tog, K16, SSK, K1] Repeat 1 time. 40 stitches remain.

Round 12: Just Knit

Round 13: [K1, K2tog, K14,SSK, K1] Repeat 1 time. 36 stitches remain.

Round 14: [K1, K2tog, K12, SSK, K1] Repeat 1 time. 32 stitches remain

Round 15: [K1, K2tog, K10, SSK, K1] Repeat 1 time. 28 stitches remain.

Round 16: [K1, K2tog, K8, SSK, K1] Repeat 1 time. 24 stitches remain.

Round 17: [K1, K2tog, K6, SSK, K1] Repeat 1 time. 20 stitches remain.

Graft toe using Kitchener Stitch.

Congratulations! Make the 2nd

Sock and wash in cold water and dry on delicate.

If you have completed this pattern, please let me know by posting it to social media using the hashtag #jitproject or #ecojoyknits

Relaxing Sock Pattern – DK Weight

Simple cuff-down gusset and flap 2 color DK socks

Yarn: DK weight: 100g of main color, 50g of coordinating color

Needles: US Size 3 (3.25 mm) for working in the round.

Gauge: 7.5 sts = 1”   9 Rows = 1”

Other: removable stitch markers or safety pins.

Size: Women’s Medium, Men’s Small



Cast on 48 stitches using German Twisted Cast-On using one needle. Divide stitches to needles. Do any ribbing for 1-2”.

1×1 Rib Stitch Pattern:

Every Round: *K1, P1*


Work any stitch pattern for 4-6 inches.

Mini-thermal or Broken Rib Stitch Pattern:

Round 1: K entire round

Round 2: *K1, P1*

Heel Flap:

K24 and put these instep stitches on hold.  Without cutting the main color, attach 2nd color,  K24 putting these on 1 needle. Turn work to work on the wrong side. You will be working in a flat manner for these 24 sts. 

Row 1: (ws) *Sl1, P1* for entire row

Row 2: (rs) Sl1, K only

Repeat these 2 rows for a total of 12 times

Heel Turn:

Round 1: Sl1, P13, P2tog, P1, turn

Round 2: Sl1, K5, SSK, K1, turn

Round 3: Sl1, P to 1 st before gap, P2tog, P1, turn.

Heel Turn Continued:

Round 4: Sl1, K to 1 st before gap, SSK, K1, turn.

Repeat rounds 3 and 4 for two more times.

Round 5: Sl1, P to 1 before gap, P2tog, turn

Round 6: Sl1, K to 1 before gap, SSK, turn

There are 14 heel stitches left. Put a stitch marker in the middle of this last row to help you measure the foot.  Cut contrasting yarn with a 7” tail. 


Set up round:  Using main color, pick up 2 stitches before the slipped sts, then pick up the 12 slipped stitches. (14 picked up sts total) Knit the 14 heel sts. Pick up 12 slipped sts, pick up 2 sts before the instep. Knit the 24 instep sts that were on hold. The first picked up stitch is the new beginning of round for the gusset section.

Round 1: K entire round. 

Round 2: K1, SSK, K to 3 sts before the instep, K2tog, K1, K instep.

Repeat these 2 rounds until you are back to the original amount of 48 sts total.  The beginning of the round is back to the start of the instep stitches. 


Continue to knit (stockinette) in main color until you are 1.5” from the finished desired sock foot length.

Rounded wedge toe: 

Set up round:  Cut main color with a 7” tail and switch to contrasting color. Knit the entire round.

Round 1: Instep stitches: K1, K2tog, K to 3 sts before the end of instep            stitches, SSK, K1. Sole stitches: K1, K2tog, K to 3 sts before the end of the sole sts, SSK, K1.

Round 2 and 3: Knit only (44 sts)

Repeat Round 1-3 one time. (40 sts)

Round 4: same as Round 1

Round 5: Knit only (36 sts)

Repeat Rounds 4-5 one time. (32 sts)

Round 6: Repeat Round 1.

        Repeat this round 3 more times until you have a total of 16 sts.

Make sure all of the instep stitches (8 sts) are on one needle and the sole stitches (8 sts) are on another needle.  Graft these stitches to close up the toe using the Kitchener Stitch. Cut the end with a 7” tail and pull in the end neatly to the wrong side to weave in all 6 ends from the wrong side.     Sock completed! 

Finished sock measurements:

Length: Approximately 8.75. – 9.25” for a US size 7-8 shoe. 

Width: Approximately 3.75” width

You can buy the PDF pattern for $2 on PayHip

Email me if you have any questions. – Dee Ann

Don’t Be An Eco-Bully

I was on Instagram just now and many times I see that there are people who love to say that Christians are flat earthers and are ruining the planet and don’t believe in Science. And these are the same people who have replaced God with Mother Earth goddess worship. I don’t believe in a flat earth and I am very eco-friendly. Maybe even more than others but don’t assume because I am Christian or Conservative that I am ruining the planet. People are more important and you are bashing people with assumptions that we are polluting the earth. Science has different takes from different doctors, scientists and scholars with the same amount of degrees. We don’t have to think the same way. Love people and do good. Bashing people’s views because they aren’t yours is bullying people. It doesn’t accomplish anything. It just divides people.
Do your part and offer better choices and give ideas. Forcing people doesn’t help either. If you want to get rid of plastic straws, offer incentives to food establishments to switch to paper straws, let people provide their reusable straws and give them a discount or a chance for a drawing or don’t even use straws.
If you want people to buy less yarn and stop buying acrylic or stop buying overseas shipments then offer some better choices made in the USA including recycled yarn or upcycled yarn. The largest craft stores don’t even offer American natural yarn or American made craft tools. People buy their yarn from WalMart because it is cheap. If they saw the factory and shipment process and how it does not benefit farmers or small business, maybe they will think twice.
Yarn hoarding is a thing now. I think it is ugly keeping a wall full of dusty yarn in cubbies that you never use plus you’re not a yarn store. Use it or sell it and buy only what you need going forward to get rid of the giant hoard. It’s 2020 and we have a new mindset than we did 10 years ago. It’s time to phase out the acrylic and polyester yarn and use yarns that will compost and have less harmful chemicals.
I didn’t do it all at once and everyone is different so let’s cut each other some slack on the matter. I am not forcing anyone and I actually get happy when someone makes a small change so lovingly encourage each other and don’t bash people with climate alarmism that says, “You’re ruining the planet! You don’t believe in science!”

#ecofriendly #ecobully

Stress and Knitting

This Pandemic has affected me in all sorts of new ways I have not had to deal with before. Unfortunately, I see knitting world carrying on as if there is no change except a delay in getting out packages. How many have lost jobs and businesses? How many have wedges between family members? How many like me have new phobias and sensitivities to things around us. Meanwhile, they are continuing to scare us with pandemic restrictions, regulations and I still don’t know if this new vaccine will become mandatory or if it contains human fetal or animal diploid cells or anything else I do not want injected into my bloodstream.

I am trying hard to find peace. Without yoga or witchcraft or drugs, I have been working on dealing with stress. Not that it is completely gone because my storage unit keeps continually increasing higher in price and I have to downsize and get rid of things and for me that is traumatic and stressful and doesn’t seem to go away.

Anyway, I will tell you a few things that have helped.

#1 is I stopped watching TV and news stations. Not that I never get news because the grape vine gossip exists in my home. I always get news that affects me without a TV. It’s one less thing that I have to deal with and it helps not to watch repeating bad news.

#2 Do things you love to do. I like knitting. Sometimes I like crocheting, too. Sometimes I knit stockinette in a tube just to frog it back. The process is very comforting and using DPNs is comforting, too.

#3 Get some sun. If I don’t go out in the backyard and get a little bit of sun, I start to feel depressed. Now I know why there is so much depression in Seattle, Washington. Too many dark or grey days without sunshine and green affects health. In the city, I never see nature unless it is planted there. Sometimes I watch amature nature walks on YouTube and it is such great therapy.

#4 Eat for survival and not pleasure. I love chocolate and pizza but at age 50 I can get heartburn easily and I can’t eat super spicy food anymore. To avoid the doctor and taking tons of prescription pills like my mother does, I try to be as healthy as I can. Plus after a divorce with a good cook, nothing tastes the same anymore and I don’t want to reminisce my old relationship. Not getting bigger during the pandemic is making me feel better, too.

#5 Live simply. I have a little that I own. It’s easy to buy too much. Keeping everything simple and maintenance free is easier to deal with. Keep your stash down. Those big stash walls and cubbies full of yarn may make vloggers happy but to me that is ugly. Watch an episode of Hoarders on YouTube and you’ll want to stop collecting things to the point of hoarding.

#6 During this pandemic I am sensitive to colors and sounds. So far the most relaxing audio is the sound of gentle rain or rustling leaves. As far as color, I love bright color but right now I stay away from it because it makes me feel stress. I like vanilla off white, wheat yellow and light spring green, Those colors help me keep me calmer.

#7 Something tried and true that I sometimes don’t want to do is read the Bible. I feel better emotionally after I have read the Bible. I pray often and that is daily but unfortunately and surprisingly, I don’t desire to read the Bible like I did 10 years ago but it always makes me feel good and centered and complete after I read a few chapters. Try it and see how you feel.

I would love to know what you are doing for stress. Please write it in the comments or come and visit me on MeWe or Instagram because I check those daily. See my About page so you know where to find me on Social Media,

I am also thinking about funding a charity for women who might want to learn how to knit and can’t afford the yarn and needles but I need help on figuring out how to do that. Plus how would I find these women? Maybe you have a local charity in your town. I would rather the money or supplies go to the people directly and not through a regular charity where the CEO makes a fortune. What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts on that, too.

Streamed Down Knit Bag

Get the knitting bag streamed down even more. Less stuff, less worry.

  1. Buy less, use what you have. Wash an old canvas shopping tote that you used for shopping for groceries. Use as a knit bag. Use cleaned up pencil bags for DPNs, Use clean produce bags, make up bags or , purses, clutches you never use for project bags. Try to keep things down to 3 or less as far as working on several projects as once. I have a plan to buy only $25 worth of knitting needles this year. Of course I always want more!
  2. Buy used and yard sale craft supplies. Don’t buy it because it’s cheap as the main reason. You don’t want to hoard things. Have self discipline and buy what you need and is good quality. Buy vintage things made in your country. I like to check out Etsy for vintage supplies and wool yarn items under $10.
  3. Hand-me-downs are great! Half my stuff comes from my mother. Ask your mother or grandmother if they have any supplies they don’t want anymore.
  4. Choose 1 or 2 things you like and keep the yarn down to 1 or 2 weights. For instance my favorite is sock knitting and fingerless gloves. Make everything in Fingering and Sport Weight. If I wanted to I can use a crochet hook or double the yarn. It cuts your supplies down to a fraction.
  5. Don’t buy books. Give them away or donate them. Buy the digital patterns or ebooks. Better yet, know where to get free patterns. I have downloaded over 100 or more to my PC. I keep them in 2 places. Patterns are in my hard drive files and also in a cloud storage space. Just in case there is a problem with one. To keep off off electronics, I occasionally print some and keep them in a 3 hole binder if I am working on something. I only have so much space and have to throw away what I am not using if it gets too thick. It’s hard and it feels like I am having a funeral for the patterns I have to throw out! LOL!
  6. I like the way straight needles look but they are hard to store. I put them all in a rectangular tin (a Scottish whisky tin from a yard sale) and I hardly use them. Circular needles are great alternatives even for flat knitting. I have so many now. I have another tin (it had cookies) that is round that I put them in. I have a cheap pouch with a pretty pattern that I keep the ones I use the most. I think I am down to 7 now. I have some longer bamboo DPNs that I can use as straight needles. I use red, blue and orange rubber bands for end stoppers. Everything I don’t use goes in the round or rectangular tin but not in my knitting bag.
  7. Yarn goes in an upcycled purse. I haven’t been buying any acrylic or polyester yarn and I stopped buying worsted and aran weight. I only bought a little bit of chunky yarn but I am in a warm climate area and that is something we hardly really need. I already made lots of beanies and berets and market bags so I don’t need any more of those. That is another thing, buy yarn in colors that will go through multiple seasons and match with other clothes you have.
  8. Be goal oriented. Make items you are going to wear or gift in a nice yarn that was made in your country and is eco-friendly. You will treat the yarn and project like gold and buy less because it was harder to get. Don’t be afraid to frog it if you don’t love it. I keep the ends unwoven and loose until I test it out and see if I want to keep it. Socks are always needed by my or my family and take less space. I still don’t get the shawl thing but if you want to make one, go for it. But it makes sense that it be something you use often and not just sit in a closet.

I’m not perfect. I have made a lot of mistakes. I still have a lot of beanies and a lot of acrylic yarn I want to use up. I would feel better if everything were in just one bag and it was a small one that I can take anywhere. I’m trying though. I hope it happens soon!

If anyone wants to check out my shop where I only put a fraction of my work, please check out:

Also check out my new Pinterest Board called “Poverty Knitting”

I’m Trying It Again, Don’t Let Me Give Up!

You have no idea how many times I have tried to set up my own business. It’s pretty sad. I usually give up after one month but this time I feel motivated. I want to move out of California. Yep. I’m one of the many that wants to head out. I am not even sure what state I am going to yet. I am giving myself until November to at least pick a state. Someplace in the middle of the USA. You guys in the middle of the country are so lucky to be in a state that is not so crazy! It’s almost impossible to work here. They want us to all be at home with masks on, afraid of our own shadow and not working I guess. I need to get my act together so I can work anywhere. My kids are all grown up, too. I know they don’t understand but I have the need to get out of California.

Anyway, I opened up another shop. Don’t roll your eyes cause I already did it for you. LOL! I think this might be an easier one to keep because it’s free but it looks pretty good. I don’t have to worry about fees every month. By the way, WordPress is no longer free!

It’s called the EcoJoy! Shoppe if you want to go visit it and see what it looks like today. I just added my latest FOs. It’s mid August and we are going through a heatwave. It has been in the 90s and humid and usually it’s a dry heat with the desert winds here in Southern California but it has been miserable and muggy. The point is even though it is miserably hot, I need to think about Fall and Winter. I have 2 more summer socks and then I am going to start doing the longer ones.

I have no idea how the other states are doing. It seems like the way of the bricks and sticks stores are fading away. I hope the other states are doing better. There are no yarn stores in the town I am in. No joke! We have a Joanns Fabric and Craft Store but it’s full of Acrylic. My goodness guys that is out of style these days! My car is getting too old to be traveling far, too. I don’t have a husband that can rescue me if something goes wrong. My mom and dad are in their 70s and they are afraid of COVID, so yes, things gotta change for me. My older son lives pretty far and my younger son wants to be independent himself so this is the time to change. Change is so scary but I need to do it!

If anyone has any words of wisdom, please let me know. And yes, I will be praying. I hope you all are doing well and your families are OK. I was feeling stressed out last week but I am better this week. It helps not to watch too much news. God bless and hope to see you later.

Swap This For This – Eco-Friendly Yarncrafting

#ecofriendly swaps.png
1) Switch from Acrylic, Polyester and Microfiber yarn to Bamboo, Organic Wool, Organic Cotton or Tencel.

2) Switch from plastic stitch markers to metal uncoated stitch markers.

3) Switch from plastic or Acrylic knitting needles and crochet hooks to Bamboo or Birch needles and hooks. Try Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

4) Switch from buying things overseas to buying locally, in our state, province or country. Less travel, less carbon footprint on the environment. Some products are hard to get in the USA (for the time being since we just started to change the market) and it is not bad to buy Fair Trade items from Peru or some countries if it helps artisan small business.

5) Stop buying so much. Buy according to need, not want and hoarding your yarn which collects dust and bugs. Too much yarn is not likely to be used. Minimalism and Eco-friendly changes go hand and hand.

If you already own these items that are not eco-friendly, please continue to use them until they break and can no longer be used and try to repair or recycle them if possible.

My picks that may help in your next yarn craft purchase:

 Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton Yarn (622 PUMPKIN) 100g, Worsted Weight – $15 free shipping

Living Dreams Slinky Malinky Sock Yarn USA HAND DYED Colorfast Superwash Merino Tencel Fingering, Green 400 yards, 110 g Fingering Weight $29, Free Shipping

  Brittany Crochet Hook-Size H8/5mm, Made in the USA, $9.94

 Brittany Birch Wood Single Point Knitting Needles 14″-Size 8/5mm, Made in the USA $8.78

Stitch Markers for Knitting or Crocheting “Faith, Love, Hope, Believe” Crafted in the USA, $12.95

Heritage Bed Socks


Gauge: 5.5 sts  and 7 rows = 1” in stockinette in larger needles

Tools:  #3 and #5  (3.25 and 3.75mm) 40” circular  needles. Use any needle size to get the right gauge.   

#4 DPNs (3.5 mm)

2 stitch holders

Yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love Yarn, 100% Acrylic #4 Worsted

 Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Sizes:  Womens M


This is to make a pair of socks two at a time so you will have a matching pair when you finish.  I made them in stockinette so you can use them in clogs or boots. Make any length of cuff you like.


Figure 8 cast on – With  smaller needles facing right, put a slip knot on the bottom needle with a 5-7” tail . Pull up working yarn up the back then over the top needle towards you, then in the middle of the stitches. Pull the same working yarn down under the needles towards you and through the middle of the needles again.  This makes 2 stitches, one on each needle and do not count the slip stitch as a stitch, repeat this 7 more times to make 8 sts on top and 8 sts on the bottom. Let the working yarn hang in the back over the bottom needle and repeat with the 2nd ball of yarn.

Round 1: Instep half: Pull and stretch out the bottom needle about 14 inches to start knitting with it.  Knit the 8 stitches on top left needle with the same working yarn that is laying over the bottom needle. Then scoot everything from this sock over to the right about an inch or two and start the other sock knitting 8 stitches.   Sole section: Turn work so that the needle you just worked with is closer to you. Hold work as you pull back the same needle needle you once pulled out. Pull the 2nd needle out and the slip knot should be the first stitch. Undo the knot by pulling down the tail and Knit the instep stitches using both  the tail and the working yarn at the same time so you won’t have to weave it later and trim the tail to 3” so you can still use it to mark the beginning of the round. Do the same with the 2nd sock. (16 sts total)

Increase with YOs Round 2: Instep section: *K1 ,YO, K to 1 stitch before the end, YO, K1*, Do the same on 2nd sock. Turn work. Sole section: repeat as you did the instep section to finish the round. (20 stitches)

Knit the YOs Round 3: Instep side –  *K1, Knit the YO stitch through the back loop (Ktbl) to twist the stitch, K to the next YO and Ktbl, K1* do the same on 2nd sock turn work. Repeat on 2nd sock, turn and do the same on the sole side. (20 sts)

For rounds 4-15: Switch to the larger needles, Repeat the last 2 increase rounds 6 more times for a total of 44 stitches. (For a size small, increase to 40 sts only and for a large size increase to 48 sts)

Rounds 15-50: knit stockinette on the 44 sts until work is 7” from cast on. Work up to 6 ½” for size small or 7 ½” for size large.

Short row easy heel no wraps:

Round 51: Knit across the instep of both socks and then put instep stitches on stitch holders.  Use 2 dpns for each sock heel and work on each heel individually. Slip off the backs using the DPNs so that each sock is separate. K to last stitch and leave this stitch unworked. Turn to purl side.

Heel Row 2: P to the last stitch, turn

Heel Row 3: K to the last 2 sts, turn.

Heel Row 4: P to the last 2 sts, turn

Heel Row 5: K to the last 3 sts, turn

Heel Row 6: P to the last 4 sts, turn

Heel Row 7: K to the last 3 sts. Turn

Heel Row 8: P to the last 3 sts, turn

Heel Row 9: K to the last 4 sts, turn

Heel Row 10: P to the last 4 sts, turn

Heel Row 11:  K to the last 5 sts, turn

Heel Row 12: P to the last 5 sts, turn

Heel Row 13: K to the last 6 sts, turn

Heel Row 14: P to the last 6 sts, turn

The middle  10 sts are unworked.

2nd half of heel….

Round 65: 10 stitches are undone, K to the last 7 sts, K2tog, M1 (pick up any stitch in the gap to the left of the K2tog stitch you just did. Put it  on the left needle and knit it to make a new stitch), turn

Round 66: Sl 1. P to the last 7 sts and Ptog, M1P (pick up any stitch in the gap to the left of the P2tog stitch, place on left needle and purl it.), turn

Round 67: Sl1, K to the last 7 sts, K2tog, M1, turn

Round 68: Sl 1, P to the last 7 sts, P2tog, M1, turn

Round 69: Sl 1, K to the last 6 sts, K2tog, M1, turn

Round 70: Sl1, P to the last 6 sts, P2tog, M1, turn

Round 71:  Sl1, K to the last 5 sts. K2tog, M1, turn

Round 72: Sl1, P to the last 5 sts, P2tog, M1, turn

Round 73: Sl1, K to the last 4 sts, K2tog, M1, turn

Round 74: Sl1. P to the last 4 sts, P2tog, M1, turn

Round 75: Sl1, K to the last 3 sts, K2tog. M1. turn

Round 76: Sl 1, P to the last 3 sts, P2tog, M1, turn

Round 77: Sl 1, K to the last 2 sts, K2tog, M1, Do Not Turn. We will work the undone side on the next round. Put this sock aside and work the  heel sts (Rounds 51 – 77) on the 2nd sock.

Round 78: Use the #5 circular needles again putting instep stitches of both socks from the stitch holders. Knit instep stitches of sock 1 and then sock 2. (22 sts each) Now with the same circular needle, M1 before the 1st st, K2tog, K to the end (22 sts sole sts.) Do the same for sock 2. You are back to the starting position with one long circular needle. (44 sts)

Round 79-85: Stockinette for about 1” for both instep and sole part of the sock.

Rib Cuff:

Round 86-93: Using the smaller circular needles, Do 1×1 Ribbing *K1, P1* for about 1 ¼ “ for a short cuff.

Round 94: BO using #5 needles  in pattern loosely. Weave in Ends. If you want to make a longer leg cuff please do. I like to switch to larger needles after 2” for a better fit. Use #7 needle to bind off.  2×2 ribbing looks great, too.


To purchase the 2 page PDF, please purchase at my Love Crafts Pattern Store.  Please share on social media using the #jitproject hashtag

Visit me on Twitter to enjoy more pattern and yarn links! Love you all!

Joyful Baby Hat and Booties Set

Joyful Baby Hat and Booties (updated 2017)  Original Version still available

Yarn: Washable Worsted Yarn    

Gauge: 4.25 sts and 4.5 ridges per 1″

Needles:  Straight Needles / Circular or Straight Needles for Hat, Gauge determines needle size

Foot Sizes: Newborn (3.5”), 3-6 months (4”)

Hat sizes: Newborn (13”), 3-6 months (14”)

Designer: DeeAnn H       Website:

I re-did this pattern a year later because I learned that everyone’s gauge is different and I wanted to make it simple and have just one pattern in worsted for Newborn size with size 3-6 months in parenthesis.

Cast on 19 sts (23 sts)

Row 1:  RS –  kfb in 1st st, k7 (k9) , kfb in next 2 sts, k7 (k9)  kfb, k1  – 23 sts (29 sts)

Row 2, 4, 6, and 8:  knit only

Row 3: kfb in 1st st, k9 (k11) , kfb in next 2 sts, k9 (k11), kfb, k1  – 27 sts (31 sts)

Row 5: kfb in 1st st, k11 (k13), kfb in next 2 sts, k11 (k13), kfb, k1  – 31 sts (33 sts)

Row 7: k14 (k16), kfb in next 2 sts, k15 (k17)  – 33 sts (37 sts)

Row 9: k15 (k17), kfb in next 2 sts, k16 (k18)  – 35 sts  (39 sts)

Row 10-14:  starting and ending on WS knit 5 rows   – 35 sts (39 sts)

Row 15: RS –  k20 (k22), ssk, turn  – 34 sts (38 sts)

Row 16 – 26 (28) : wyif  sl 1 st from right needle to left needle, wyib slip that same st back to right needle, k6, ssk, turn , repeat this row until there are 8 sts (9 sts) unworked on right needle before you turn and have a total of 23 sts (25 sts) on WS.

Row 27 (29) :  RS –  wyif sl 1 st from right needle to left needle, wyib slip that same st back to right needle, k to end of row  – 23 sts (25 sts)

Row 28- 29 (30-31):  knit Only  – 23 sts (25 sts)

Row 30 (32):  eyelet row  – k1, *YO, k2 tog*, repeat * to * to the end of row. –  23 sts (25 sts)

Row 31-39 (33-43):  Garter knit 9 (11) rows  – 23 sts (25 sts) [note: if you want to do 1 x 1 rib for cuff, kfb 1 st at the beginning of row 30 (32) to make 24 sts (26 sts) and *k1. p1* for 20 rows]

Row 40 (44): bind off loosely from wrong side. Leave about 14” of tail. Fold right sides inside and seam back and sole of bootie.

For ties: With an F size (3.75 mm) crochet hook, chain 80 (82).  With thumb nail scoot up end chains so it makes tight knots at ends so you can trim the excess yarn after weaving them through the eyelet holes.

Matching fold brim hat: Cast on 56 (60) sts, join in the round if working in the round. Garter stitch for 7 1/2 (8) inches ending on a purl or wrong side row, and then *k2tog* each knit or right side row until you have about 7-8 sts left for a gathered crown.  Close up remaining sts with end tail and knot on inside and weave in ends. For flat garter stitch on straight needles, seam up sides with mattress stitch. It might be easier to leave a long tail at the beginning and gather up remaining sts, secure and weave inside the crown of hat.

k – knit, RS – Right Side, WS – Wrong Side, kfb – knit front and back for a single increase, wyif – with yarn in front, wyib – with yarn in back, sts – stitches, garter stitch – alternating knit and purl rows on right side. See YouTube on how to seam garter stitch.

Stockinette Half Mitts


Sizes: S (M, L) Teen or Adult

Yarn: Washable #4 Aran Yarn

Needles: Whatever gives you gauge  Gauge: 4.25 sts and 6 rows = 1″

Other: 3 lock or split ring stitch markers, 1 small stitch holder, safety pin or waste yarn


Cast on 27 (29, 31) sts, turn work so that wrong side is now the right side and join in the round.

Place a marker at beginning of round.  Stockinette for 2″ ( 2 1/2″, 3″) [about 12, 15, 18 rounds]

K 13 (14, 15), PM, M1L, K1, M1R, PM, K13 (14, 15), [3 Thumb sts]

Knit next round and every other round

K 13 (14, 15), SM, M1L, K3, M1R, SM, K13 (14, 15), [5 Thumb sts]

K 13 (14, 15), SM, M1L, K5, M1R, SM, K13 (14, 15), [7 Thumb sts]

K 13 (14, 15), SM, M1L, K7, M1R, SM, K13 (14, 15), [9 Thumb sts]

K 13 (14, 15), SM, M1L, K9, M1R, SM, K13 (14, 15), [11 Thumb sts] end of size S thumb sts

K13 (14, 15), SM, M1L, K11, M1R, SM, K13 (14, 15), [13 Thumb sts] end of size M thumb sts

K13 (14, 15), SM, M1L, K13, M1R, SM K13 (14, 15), [15 Thumb sts] end of size L thumb sts

Knit next round.

K13 (14, 15) , RM, K1, slip thumb sts on holder, RM, K13 (14, 15)

Stockinette for 2  1/4″ (2  1/2″ , 2  3/4″), PM 1st st to measure more easily.

Do a purl bind off.  Secure from inside and weave in ends.

For thumb, place 11 (13, 15) stitches from holder onto 3 dpns, join in the round

Stockinette thumb stitches in the round for 1/2″ (3/4″, 1″) For 2nd round, K2tog last 2 sts. [10, 12, 14 thumb sts remain]

Bind off thumb sts in purl bind off.  Secure from inside and seam up thumb base gap and weave in ends.



DPN – double pointed needles, K – Knit, St(s) – stitch(es), PM – Place Marker, SM – Slip Marker, RM – Remove Marker, M1L – Make one increase leaning left by picking up bar with left needle between the stitches from the front and knitting that bar on the needle through the back, M1R – Make one increase leaning right by picking up bar with left needle between the stitches from the back and knitting that bar on the needle through the front.


For worsted yarn, go up a size, adding 2 stitches to cast on and thumb stitches. Keep the lengths the same. Worsted Gauge: 4.75-5 sts per inch.